Top 10 Best MOBA Games 2020 (Android & iOS)

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  • Anyone know how to play storm arena is not in playstore oof

  • wtf! lol #2? hahah

  • Vainglory arena of valor mobile legends ?

  • Mk DMk D

    Author Reply

    How Mobile legends is not here it's the best moba for Android right now

  • Ang bobo ng gumawa mas nilagay pa ung lol mobile kesa sa Mobile legends ano ka advance alm mo na kung mganda ung lol mobile

  • Keep the content coming 🙂

  • Mobile legends and vainglory didn't make the list?????

  • League of legend Rank 1 and Marvel Super war Rank 10,000

  • Anyone else thinks Blizzard is (again) missing the boat for not making HOTS on mobile?

  • To all those people saying mobile legends is trash…please rethink your words…yes I know there are toxic players but did you even know there’s a mute button that you can use??? Yes there are unbalanced heroes but moonton is making changes daily and adding new heroes and features so they worked really hard so Atleast have some kind of respect and not hate the game all the way

  • King of Glory should be 2nd
    LOL wf should be 1st

  • ARENA OF VALOR , LEAGUE OF LEGENDS WILD RIFT , VAINGLORY , NETEASE MOBA ANIME,ONMYOGI , AND FINALLY THE MOB LEGENDS AS LOL COPY , these are only Moba that could deserve attention first , due to graphics and people , although ml might not be graphical , it's not a green land Terran Moba , and if there is toxic ppl l don't worry , caz Dota and lol have em too ,Just have fun , it's a team fight ,not team report game

  • I'm a arena of Valor because I love Warcraft and Dota and lol , but I want to give Tencent games a try instead of Pubg , their Moba, I wanna try Vainglory but before that I hope they rise their server , and don't get me on lol wr , I'm. Waiting till the end , maybe even Dota might come in future ,

  • LuxusLuxus

    Author Reply

    I guess these are other needs special mention other than the Mainstream ML and AOV.

    It's such a shame that AOV isn't doing justice with its high PING. I love their smart pings when in battle its useful AF.

    ML in the other hand is oversaturated and toxic. It's literally imbalanced and money grabbing app. A skin with additional attack or magic power… Wow. 🤣

    I prefer AOV but the ping.. Damn

  • Why Mobile legends isn't here

  • Lokapala?

  • You cant download number 3 on

  • Mobile legend n aov where??

  • HOC will forever be the best MOBA game I've known sadly it's dead (Only OG's will know)

  • 7:36 Diana jajajajaajaja que absurdo cuando se copian campeones asi del lol


  • fk u lier

  • Heroes of order and Chaos was among the first, real og will know

  • They are already putting league in the list but the game is still unavailable

  • No Vainglory at all….

  • Ok, that is bullshit. Arena of Valor is missing, and League of Legends Wild Rift will be WAY better than this Marvel Thing. I also would have put Vaingliry on the list, but it's hard to find games cause the community is dead, so….

  • Nope not true mobile legends is the best….

  • Vain glory is dead

  • u know what.. u make dumb rating mate.. u not even plying LoL mobile yet.. it not even release.. how can u put it at number 2??? wtfff..!? and u not even rate mobile legend in there even u know it good.. it not that good.. but u should rate it..and theres no Vainglory in there.. that make me know that u dont know shit about MOBA mate..

  • I deleted mlbb some days before coz I was Playing it since 2017 but game got so much unbalanced after the updated and MY MAIN HEROES WHO ARE VERY OLD GOT NO ATTENTION so I deleted it in 2020
    (pls forgive my English and focus my point) 🙏


  • Awww Extraordinary Ones… used to be my fav but it always has problem when I was updating the game.. it was not updating no matter how fast my internet connection was. How could you not include Onmyoji Arena tho? that's the best for me so far 👁️👄👁️

  • Mobile Legend is the best for me!!

  • this top is worthless , there is no correct order for mobas

  • Yes, no mobile legends on the list

  • iHurtiHurt

    Author Reply

    Vain Glory where?? Mobile Legends ??? Willddd RIFTTTT NUMBER ONE WTF IS 2ND.


  • Check out this game too. Though it's just gameplay


  • League of legends but size is unknown

  • You stupid? LoL 2-st??

  • I'm pretty sure Marvel Super War will beat all the MOBA games.

  • Played em all except lol wr but still I find non better than ml ,,, and i can't wait to play lol and uninstall ml for good

  • All MOBA Games gangster until Wild rift steps into da game

  • Is here mlbb?

  • What about Arena Of Valor? The fuck kinda’ list is this?

  • Cualquier cosa menos un verdadero MOBA