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Top 10 Most Useful Linux Commands

What are the top 10 most useful Linux commands? I spoke with my online community, and we came up with a list of ten commands we can’t live without. What’s your favorite Linux command? Comment below and let me know. I might make a video about it!

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The Top 10 Most Useful Linux Commanders by Coding Commanders
10) find – Search for files throughout your directories

find Linux command configuration:
find [where to start searching from] [-options] [what to find]

find /home/candy -name nurse.py
find /home/candy -name *.py
find /home/candy/websites -name gdscript*
find /home/candy -perm 666
find Pictures/ Downloads/ -name harley*

9) ping – Ping is used to send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts.
ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol and is used by network devices to send information about their communication with other IP addresses. An ECHO_REQUEST is sent to determine connectivity. You may want to test if a network is up and running or you may want to check network speed.

ping codingcommaders.com

By default, a request is sent every second. you can change the timing
using the interval option:

ping -i 0.25 codingcommanders.com

8) rsync -Rsync is a fast and versatile tool used to copy files locally
and transfer them to other servers. Rsync offers many options,
so the user controls the terms of each file transfer, and it comes standard with many Linux distributions.

You may use it to do a local backup:

There is a file called battle-back-story.odt in my
Documents directory and I want to put a copy in
my code_practice directory:

rsync /home/candy/Documents/battle-back-story.odt /home/candy/code_practice

Or to transfer a file to a virtual server

*a is archive mode
– recursively copy the entire directory with files, permissions, ownership, group, modification time and symbolic links”:

rsync -a /home/candy/code_practice commander@

Other comman rsync options include
-z (compress)
-q (quiet) Only shows error messages
–delete (deletes
-r (recursive)
–delete (delete extraneous files from destination)
–force (If dirs are not empty, force deletion)
If you would like me to do an entire video on rsync, please comment below.

7) ssh –
ssh allows you to log in and execute commands
on a remote server.
ssh [remote_user]@[remotehost]

You can log in by entering your passwords, or you can use ssh keys.

More on SSH at

For the last 6 commands, you will find more information at

6) ifconfig
5) rm
4) mkdir
3) man
2) cd
1) ls

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