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Top 5 Reasons Elementary OS is Not for New Linux Users

Elementary is an Ubuntu-based distro that has been touted as a great new distro, but I have had numerous problems with it. I have a lot of challenges but these are my top reasons it is not for new users.

1.) Several Installation Issues
2.) AppCenter Kept Crashing
3.) Complicated steps to install common common applications
4.) Too Different in Use and Appearance
5.) Inconsistent Online Solutions

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  • I've never had any problems installing elementary OS and have installed it on several desktops and my laptop (dual boot with windows 10 on several PCs due to my need for Adobe software) Installation was super easy for all, even an old Compaq Vista PC that wouldn't run much of anything before installing elementary. Now that old PC runs everything I need and runs it well. I want to be able to use several different operating systems and I am as at home with a Mac as a Windows PC and therefore elementary OS is just as intuitive as either. I believe that elementary OS is great for Linux noobs!

  • It's surprising that they managed to make an operating system that is less user-friendly/customizable than Mac OS X. Like, who thought it's a good idea to turn off the ability to install packages downloaded from the Internet by default?

  • Its almost that elementary OS People is trying to dicourage People to switch to linux

  • Manjaro latest graphical updater is also broken it stops downloading package randomly so you have to use terminal to do updates

  • So much BS in this video. 2 hours installation—system freezing. Can’t find terminal?? Lol. Okay. I can just say the overwhelming positive reviews speak for themselves.

  • i have installed all those applications you have mentioned on loki (Please don't scare new users)

  • Please review Elementary OS JUNO

  • You are trying to degrade one of the beautiful version of freedom.

  • To be honest I switched today away from Elementary do to the lack of software and up to date software. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 do to the built in snaps in the App Store etc.

  • Elementary OS is really good.

  • I can eassily install the gnome software store, then all is ok.

  • Gzs! What a bunch of poisonous bitter ppl over here. Elementary was my very first Linux experience and convinced me to switch. Never had any real issues with it. And if Elementary is so crappy, as y'all claim it to be, then why is System 76 working with the team behind ElementaryOS to develop their PopOS? Or does System 76 suck as well?

  • I think you gotta revisit since 5.0 is here !!!

  • Yeah it's pretty overrated imo. People love it because it resembles MacOS so well, but ultimately it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to usability and customization.

  • You included elementary OS in your "Top 5 Linux Distros for New Users in 2017" video.

  • cyndncyndn

    Author Reply

    So many haters here in the comments. I like eOS.

  • @23:39 Exactly, those mofos claim that their OS is kinda seamless transition from any major OS like Windows and MacOS but it isn't. 🙂

  • It needs 4 GB RAM to install and run

  • I agree. Elementary OS is NOT for Linux noobs. But For those like me who want to experiment other lands of Linux, Elementary OS is gorgeous especially with Vala! Apache2 + PHP(7.2.5!! as of today) + NodeJS + Ruby + C/C++ 14(gcc 5.4.0 — AND even c++ 17 with gcc 7.3.1+) Have to dig a little bit on google; but Everythings I personally need for coding in C;C++; PHP; Angular; Ruby; – on Rails. It`s annoying to setup but all the guides and pieces of information can be found and they work.

    So Yes it is possible in Elementary OS 0.4.1 (Loki); Juno is coming and it will be based on Ubuntu LTS 18.04 then guess …

    I am an vanilla Archlinux user since 2010. So no, I am not a new user. 🙂

  • It took long to install? Are you going to install it ever day? U start your work day by installing os?
    sudo apt install software-properties-common
    there u go, is it hard to enable PPA?
    Someone likes eOS, some dont. But man, you are something else, you are a freaking hater, u amke up dumb resons just to find a reason. Saying that u dont like it, would be enough.

  • JoeJoe

    Author Reply

    Just last year I was also a new user of eOS Loki. I have absolutely no idea wtf are you talking about. No issues with any of several installations on different machines I did. Other than standard Ubuntu glitches when I tried to customize it, I didn't face much issues with it. AppCenter kept crashing? Nope. Not to me. I strongly encourage new users to ignore this video. Absolutely not relevant at all.

  • I installed it on my hardware for about 10 minutes – agree with everything that was said in this video, not a pleasant experience at all.

  • Couldnt agree with you more. Gave Elementary a serious chance but for me hasnt delivered on its promises

  • Keep in mind that the elementaryOS Tweak Tool is completely unofficial and often breaks.

  • Thank you for this video.

  • eznixeznix

    Author Reply

    I agree with you that Elementary is not for anyone, but 64bit computers are at least 10 years old. 32bit systems are not old, they are ancient. 🙂

  • Tap to click can be turned off in setting it's easy?

  • Daniels' distribution and his team are a work in progress – seem to have been very receptive to feedback and DO need tweak tool —Ben, in El Paso, TX

  • Thank you for sharing this video.

    I think you make some good points, but some of the critiques are a bit subjective: your first two points about installation taking long and AppCenter crashing, for example, are related to your experience only: I had a completely different experience as elementaryOS installed quickly (much quicker than Ubuntu) and with no crash for me. I am not trying to say that you are wrong and I am right here (one would have to look at more statistics to actually get a correct analysis of installation time and stability), just that these two points specifically are based on your experience.
    I had Windows take ages to install and crash, Ubuntu do all sorts of weird things one time, and work perfectly the next, so any OS could be a problem for new users if they have never done a first installation and setup, in my opinion.

    The bit about ppas: I'd argue that a new user would not know what a ppa is and would not know how to install one (I was like that when I first moved from Windows to Linux) and should not add ppas randomly without knowing how things work first.
    So, I agree with the point that the system should make it easier for new users to install commonly used programs, like Skype, but disagree that enabling the ability to add ppas would be a "newbie friendly" feature.

    Desktop icons: this is also more of a subjective preference than an argument against elementaryOS not being for new linux users.
    I mean, it is true that a new user who wants desktop icons may find it hard to activate them, but I don't think it makes sense to assume that any new user will want desktop icons in the first place. I only ever used macOS ages ago, so I can't be sure about it, but I think that users coming from mac won't even want desktop icons in the first place?

    I do agree that elementaryOS should start using a generic command key icon rather than the macOS specific one in the settings, to move away from the "we are trying to be a macOS clone" feeling and start to really look and feel like a standalone OS.

    I also do agree that having a couple of switches in the settings that allow new users to pick where the close button is, if they want a minimize button, disable single click, and if they want desktop icons there or not would be a great step forward towards making sure new users have a great experience and find themselves at home.

    On your other point about the minimize button, I agree 100% with you as a non newbie, but not from a "new user" perspective. A new user won't want to install different browsers and other non-standard programs.

    Definitely agree on your 5th point. There are lots of websites and places where users can find information, but the system does need better documentation in one official place.

    EDIT: to clarify where I come from; I am not in the elementaryOS dev team, but I am currently using it. I am definitely not an apple fangirl, I only ever used a mac briefly for work a few years ago, and I am not any OS fangirl at all.
    I currently use Windows at work, elementaryOS at home, am fine with both and have also used Ubuntu and Kubuntu in the past. I might go back to Ubuntu if thet ditch Unity, because it doesn't seem to agree with my laptop and I don't like it very much anyway.

  • Have not made a video on elementary OS for a very long time because it is so buggy for me and crashes all the time, but were they not pear Linux a long time ago??

  • While I do like Pantheon and gala-wm, the only problem I have with Elementary OS is "insane defaults", like seriously who the f needs for file manager to open where it was closed by default? And yeah, appstore and stuff, not a fan at all. I like parts of Pantheon tho.

  • Welcome to Elementary OS Locky Edition

  • i love elementary and never really had any problems with it. however i absolutely agree with not introducing this as a linux first impression. i would recomment either linux lite or mint