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In this video, I will be comparing Ubuntu 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” and Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon “Sarah”, the two currently most popular and downloaded Linux distributions in the world.


Ubuntu Desktop Official Download Page:

Linux Mint Official Download Page:





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Lập Trình Linux
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  • ubuntu and linux mint has its own pros and cons.

  • mint doesn't work on Ryzen … lol how do you make a new distro that IS NOT compatible with the newest hardware? Do you think everyone's a broke loser that can't afford to run Linux on new hardware? lol@Linux being on the same page with WIndows10 … fuck outta here with this faggotry

  • mint all the way for me, i dont like the look of ubuntu apart from mate which is as good as if not better looking than mint cinnamon,

  • Both are Ubuntu really, but diverged is mint as you may know. You can like ubuntu pure, its fine to like it if you do, but I like Mint most. Now mint also has the restore feature and all that so people don't have to worry about baulking an install so much, but they're essentially the same at the core, but you get a lot of cool things in mint that are desktop focussed. No perfect version but you can customise these distributions as much as you like with their components and all that (window manager, desktop environment, graphics drivers etc – and an Ubuntu based system is really easy to do this, want the Messa accelerated graphics? easy. Just add the update channel, so on and so forth).

    I also like how both these Ubuntu based systems and linux in general handle updates as i like detailed update notes.

    I use Mint as a base, with the MATE edition but I customize it all out to my liking, but there is no way these days I personally will use Ubuntu original. If you like KDE you won't use this version of Ubuntu but Mint with MATE and Gnome desktop shell is what I prefer most with customizations of various systems.

    Linux is great either way. I say major customization but I don't like Ubuntu's influence on the desktop shell, and Gnome and my custom MATE is very minimalist. edit: minimal in its appearance, but not function or beauty.

    good video thanks!! agree both are technically great

  • Mint is a modified Ubuntu which is slighty better out of the box but Ubuntu can be just as good if you install the components that it may be lacking. Also if you like Cinnamon, you can manually add it to Ubuntu.

  • Ubuntu is best

  • Which Linux is good for Virtual Reality

  • I got both on my PC.

  • Mint's logo looks like crap

  • im a computer science student. i h8 win 10. pretty much unstable and no privacy. I also play games like league of legend and csgo. should i use linux mint or ubuntu?

  • Tried ubuntu on my mini laptop but it runs even worse than win 7… Is mint a better choice for weak hardware?

  • Doesn’t mint require 64 bit Sys it won’t wirk on 32

  • I have a question.
    I have an SSD and an HDD I have windows on my SSD and nothing else. If I download Ubuntu on that will it also format my HDD in the process?
    Also if it doesn't will I be able to access those files?

  • Well after hacking Linux since 1997 and after 26 years of watching Linux grow I feel Linux is taking the wrong path with this I don’t give a shit attitude. Making something pretty to them is far more important than making it work right. So I am back with Window 10. I took Win 8.1 did what I could to change it and then up graded to window 10. Then I adjusted the processor and threads and Windows 10 just flies. Installed most of the apps from Linux and I end up with a system that is part Windows and part Linux applications. The only thing I installed was Windows office, the rest is all Linux. So now what do I have a system where everything works the way it is supposed to. I sincerely hope that somebody at Linux wakes up before it is too late.

    Again I have really enjoyed your view pointe on the various Linux distributions and who knows I may come back to Linux after all we were married for a very long time and we are very imitate with each other but I am really sick and tired of fixing stupid things that should never be there in the first place.

  • Ubuntu 18.04 fans

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  • Ubuntu

  • Click here https://youtu.be/phufRscmz5U for the best method to create a bootable USB for linux mint

  • Thanks for the content. Thinking about switching over to linux. You info helps alot.

  • They both suck:

    Ubuntu is:
    – Bulky
    – Slow
    – has the best support for proprietry drivers
    – apt-get is very easy to use
    – a few non essential devices don't work out the box.. ex: backlight, sdcard, touchpad, etc
    – forums has a vast amount of support, and you can google just about any problem that has already been solved probably years ago

    Linux Mint is:
    – Horribly outdated.. 18.3 has been out how many years now?
    – Cinnamon has the best customization, but is still very buggy to this date
    – Very easy to use
    – Did i say outdated? LM Repos still have wine 1.6.. lol!
    – a few non essential devices don't work out the box.. ex: backlight, sdcard, touchpad, etc
    – They have a large forum community too that is very helpful to anyone in need

  • So basicly a tip from the new linux user, get Nvida GT710 if you have an old pc and forget about it ( any nvidia graphic card ) gives you less trouble than older amd cards (HD4850 Crashes kernel all the time) its 20EUR so its very affordable

  • Awesome!

  • Get to the point!

  • 2018 , still no good audio or video editors …still has it's uses though.

  • 98% of the video is just you talking about linux

    2% is just bullcrap

  • I'll stick with Ubuntu: google.de/amp/s/nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/02/22/worlds-biggest-linux-distro-infected-with-malware/amp/

  • Ubuntu is unstable similar to Win98. As soon some software is messing up you have to install the whole thing again

  • pra mim o linux é o melhor e mas seguro sistema operacional já feito porem se a empresas não em vestir nas ferramentas para Desktop ex: trocar senha do usuário abrir arquivos executável como acontece no windows problemas também no Kdenlive e no Wine e outros .
    deveria melhorar essas áreas casdo contrario com certeza cada dia o windows ganha mas espaço .
    o linux só é campião na questão de servidor fora isso o windows ainda é imbatível
    é lamentavel um sistema tão bacana e facil porem uns problemas ainda não resouvido
    precisamos de um linux que não nos traga mas saudade do windows

  • Ubuntu with Cinnamon > Mint

  • linux is non sense, many windows programs can’t be used on it. waste of time

  • what is linux mint like when it comes to graphics cards and drivers as compared to ubuntu?

  • intel doesnt make graphics cards

  • Ubuntu is really good for old PC

  • But Linux Mint crashes with nvidia graphics
    Its a big deal for me though; instead ubuntu gives the best experience of graphics being compatible with nvidia 😊 (940 mx my case)
    If linux mint did the same compatibility with nvidia then it'd never be replaced.