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Ubuntu 16.04 VS Windows 10 : Dota 2 Benchmark on a GTX 1070 (includes Vulkan)

In this video, I revisit Dota 2 with another benchmark. This time covering Vulkan as well.

Timeline links:
1. Intro 0:00
2. Graphics API 0:20
3. Graphics settings 0:30
4. CPU and RAM usage 0:41
5. Side-by-side Max Dx9vOGL 1:07
6. Side-by-side Max Vulkan 2:11
7. FPS graphs 3:13
8. Frametime graphs 3:32
9. Lengthy summary 4:22

Thumbnail of video is from 2:17

I used the following Nvidia drivers throughout this video:
Ubuntu with 375.10
Windows with 375.70

Dota 2 is now also known as Dota 2 Reborn, which is what is benchmarked here. All API and Reborn DLC were downloaded on both platforms.

Dota 2 has DX9, DX11, OpenGL and Vulkan on Windows. On Ubuntu, there is the choice of OpenGL and Vulkan.

The default API for Windows is DirectX9. The default API for Ubuntu and Linux in general is OpenGL.

VSync was off for both platforms for both max and min settings. +fps_max 0 was used to uncap the frame limit, so that Dota 2 could soar as high as it can.

On Windows, power settings are set to High Performance. On Ubuntu, cpufreq is also set to Performance. This is important to make sure the CPU is utilized without hindrance on either OS.

On Ubuntu and on Windows I utilized the Steam FPS counter to ensure that it calculated the frames the same way.

The average FPS results were obtained using the timedemo functionality within Dota 2 and the Source 2 engine. These results were then cross-referenced with the FPS logs of GLXOSD and FRAPS to check for inconsistencies.

To collect the frametimes and frame logs, I used GLXOSD v3 on Ubuntu and FRAPs on Windows. I was unable to gather frametimes for Vulkan as there don’t seem to be any tools for it yet.

All benchmarks were done in fullscreen mode at 1920×1080. For Windows I kept it at Exclusive Fullscreen, as this provided more FPS than the Borderless Window option. The same was done for Ubuntu where I kept it at Friendly-Fullscreen rather than Borderless Window.

I hope I have not made any mistakes. I took an entire week to make this video. The tests were redone a number of times to try and normalise the results in the graph as much as possible.

Please feel free to share your experience in the comments below, but I do ask that you at least run through the same settings in the benchmark as I have to keep your experience as close as 1:1 to that of my own.

This video is recorded at 1080p 60fps. I used the Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k capture card externally here, so there is NO performance loss on either system due to recording.

I’ve done this benchmark to the best of my abilities, but I am not infallible. Please be patient with me if I have made any mistakes, it’s not my intention to mislead. I just wish to share my experience and performance on my machine.

There is no way I can represent an entire world of hardware configurations, please take this into consideration.

INFO for fellow benchmarkers:
For the side-by-side videos, I used the following command to run Dota 2:
-vulkan +playdemo OctPerf +fps_max 0
I then scrubbed to minute 16:00 in battle, and recorded until minute 17:00.

For the timedemo:
-vulkan +timedemo OctPerf +timedemo_start 45700 +timedemo_end 47502 +fps_max 0

This will run the timedemo for about 1 minute, between minute 16:00 and 17:00.

To change between API’s, simply change -vulkan to either -gl, -dx9, -dx11. Note that -dx9 and -dx11 cannot be used on the Linux version.

I made sure sound was on during all benchmarks, as it’s unrealistic to turn sound off during the benchmark. We are not developer’s looking for bottlenecks in the render pipeline, we are gamers looking for which performs best in realtime.

LINK to Frankfurt Valve demo file (link from Valve dev):

If you’re worried about the source of the file, the Valve dev posted the link here:

Download Dota 2 for FREE here:

Download Steam here [FREE]:

My main computer rig specs:
CPU – Intel i7-4770 3.4Ghz
GPU – Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB
OS – Ubuntu 16.04 64Bit/Windows 10 Pro 64Bit (Dual Boot)

Video recorded using:
Media Express
Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k
Audacity 2.1.2
Blue Yeti Mic

Video edited using the following software:
KDENLIVE 16.11.70
GIMP 2.8.16

Download Ubuntu 16.04 and 16.10 for free:

Download GIMP 2.8.16 for free:

My small development blog:

My alias in ubuntuforums.org:

About me:
I’m just a Malaysian, who loves Ubuntu and Linux, and more so gaming!


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  • Kardesim cok tesekkurler opengl daha iyi diye dusunuyordum hep. Cs go oyuncusuyum linux da daha iyi oyun deneyimim vardi, simdi ise muhtesem. Tesekkurler Vulkan! Windows 10 da 150 160 fps alirken suan ubuntu vulkan ile 260 fps aliyorum neredeyse sabit.

  • oha türkk:))

  • Again, you test on Ubuntu. OpenGL is also available on Windows. However, it's just not used. I think the fairest would be Vulkan on Arch Linux vs DirectX11 on Windows 10

  • İsmail mi

  • U should really use AMD on Linux.

  • please help!
    could i install vulkan on dell 7559 unbuntu16.04

  • so i found out something it need to be told windows no thay got a stutter prb win gaming but no fix's till of this day i no of but here ab new way for u to see if it same prblam for u as me windows prb is cash is not releasing it back to windows go to ram and look up ur cash see how full win gaming or got to this prgram ram map it cold made buy dudes that make windows make ram map most used this win in game to stop stuttering cuz me i got 16gb and ill have 9gb used and a;lllllll rest in stand buy alll i what to do is get a way from windows for now but need a os thetas frandly and vary good in speed pleeezzz lmk what os u think i shuld go to amd ryzon 7 x370 1070 gtx 16gb ram m.2 ssd yyy the hell i got stuttering lolol help mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn its my os maxing ram out

  • LodiLodi

    Author Reply

    is this running on parrot os?

  • Vulkan and Linux I hope more games released using vulkan.

  • GraxGrax

    Author Reply

    Blow up your nose, please.

  • Just for curiosity are you Turkish

  • nice video !!

  • I played Dota 2 on LinuxMint 18.3 during 5 months, until now there's no problems with performance. (Gtx 770, i7 4790, 16 Gb Ram, Last Kernel, Last Nvidia Drivers, No Vulkan)

  • Sir, That was the best comparisons of drivers for different platforms and os performance comparison that I have ever seen.

  • The stutters are nvidia drivers related, especially with Vulkan. Give Vulkan an RX480 and will fly in both Ubuntu and WIndows.

  • Necesito que me aclaren, para linux hoy por hoy cual es mejor: openGL or Vulkan?

  • Eyvallah kanka.

  • could you do a test in 2017, please?

  • My ubuntu steam just say CORRUPTED UPDATE FILES, i cant start dota 🙁

  • Hello everyone, i really really desperated. Somehow since i update my ubuntu to 16.04, i can't launch dota2 anymore. When loading screen and in the end it will be autoclose or stucked on loading screen. Please help me, anyone have any ide how to solve it? thanks

  • Did you try to set the performance to high on Windows ? (type "powercfg.cpl" into the cmd to showup the platform) 2.question: did you enable every core in the BIOS-configuration?

  • brilliant