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Ubuntu 18.10 vs Fedora 29 – a different focus.

Specifically, snap vs flatpak, PPAs vs RPMFusion, and Ubuntu’s target desktop audience vs Fedora’s target desktop audience. Buckle up.

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Lập Trình Linux
Linux – Find Files in Linux (find, whereis)
  • I use debian and fedora

  • 11:28 finally

  • I started using Fedora at home bc the company I was working for was using RedHat and I wanted to be the expert in my department. Oh yeah also I lost my Windows license key 😅

  • Good stuff, been redhat user since 4.2 and transfered to fedora ver. 9 primarily a power user.

  • Sad that fedora is for power users but it fails spectacularly at it

  • Is it possible to get the fedora wallpaper

  • Flatpak is the best!

  • I keep it fairly simple. I never (rarely) waste my time with Independent Distros. Ubuntu, Manjaro, OpenSUSE, Fedora, Solus. Mostly that's it. Anything else – lands in a VM if I want to take it for a spin. Its truly annoying that there are so many approaches to installing applications.

  • Great video! I'm running Ubuntu 19.04 but I will try Fedora for sure.

  • Because I use latest Laptop and need driver support I use Ubuntu based linux (Neon). In Debian stable release you can unplug the hard drive Debian is running on and the OS still won't go down and instead when you try to run a new app it just tells you it can't access hard drive. CentOS on the other hand crashed immediately with Kernal panic

  • Now this a proper comparison, thank you for this quality video!

  • Somehow, I've managed to crash 3 Linux OS' in the past year. Arch, Mint, and Ubuntu. Time to try Fedora!

  • 1febc8c

  • conclusion?

  • Fedora for me provides superior hardware support, out of the box. On my Fujitsu u772 laptop the fingerprint reader just worked, and on my PC an Tp-link usb wifi card worked as on Windows. No problems.

  • Видос о сравнении Ubuntu и Fedora.
    Всё видео показывает Ubuntu (и немного Федоры), 2 с половиной приложения и одну команду.
    Улетаешь изучать Fedora на марсе.

  • Flatpak and GNOME are heavily supported by Red Hat, so no surprise it's better integrated. Also explains the better GNOME experience on Fedora (in my opinion).

    By the way, Fedora does a lot of QA. Much more than Ubuntu (as far as I know).
    Check the QA section here: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/#FedoraApps

  • i have Arch Linux redhat linux debian and My love Kali LINUX From turkey :)www.turkhackteam.org

  • orazoraz

    Author Reply

    If ubuntu still includes amazon links I don't like it.

  • Ubuntu server LTS is an EXCELLENT choice of a LINUX OS to embed into a smart product.

  • I use both Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 29 (on different machines, for different things), so I am grateful to hear somebody expounding on the similarities and differences between these distros.

  • AeroAero

    Author Reply

    This is EXACTLY the kind of review Linux distros need. You focused on all the things that matter due to variation across the linux world. Thank you, you're the hero we need but not the one we deserve.

  • Fedora 10/10………ubuntu 6/10

  • I use Arch btw!

  • DDE is better and beautyfull than gnome shell

  • I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS not because I loved it, it is because I used Ubuntu. Unfortunately Ubuntu became worse more and more, it became worse than deepin in installation apps, so I believe linux mint and fedora are better and I believe that's why users focus on debian instead.

  • At first I just wanted a stable lightweight Linux distro to mostly run virtual machines on it for office, AUDIO & VIDEO productivity… But now I'm wondering if I should just try Fedora 29…

  • I don't know about you guys but I hate Snap and Flatpak. Useful for security conscious people, as they run in their own little sandbox, but otherwise… it's just so inefficient!

  • I've been giving Fedora a few attempts throughout recent years. It usually crashed and became buggy with each week. Ubuntu is stable and I can't imagine a developer who wants to reset his programming environment every month – so Ubuntu, that has been working for almost 3 years now is a no-brainer for me

  • Flatpaks would be okay if they didn't take 1GB of hard drive for a 50MB software.

  • fedora distro upgrades have been waaaaaaaay more buggy than Ubuntu… Ubuntu seems to just work much better on much more devices

  • Although Ubuntu would be like Windows of the Linux world today, Fedora is getting better and better for home users, not only the enterprise, with its very very stable updates, free and updated software and high security, in difference with Ubuntu (9 month release). Although some Fedora releases have unpleasant surprises… That is why I'm stick with Debian for now.