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Ubuntu MATE and Linux Mint, which is better? – (rambly) Vlog

Linux Mint:
Ubuntu MATE:

From the Linux Mint website, “The purpose of Linux Mint is to produce a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use. Linux Mint is one of the most popular desktop Linux distributions and used by millions of people.”

From the Ubuntu MATE website, “Ubuntu MATE is a stable, easy-to-use operating system with a configurable desktop environment. It is ideal for those who want the most out of their computers and prefer a traditional desktop metaphor. With modest hardware requirements it is suitable for modern workstations, single board computers and older hardware alike. Ubuntu MATE makes modern computers fast and old computers usable.”


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  • I've built several completely different computers this year…(different boards , memory, processors, etc) Windows, Mint and MATE run very stable on these systems, however, MATE is the clear winner when it comes to speed and smooth operation. It loads video much faster than the others….Kodie runs beautiful in MATE..no freezing issues as with Mint or Windows occasionally. Mint is a nice system with handy tools and stability but MATE is the better performer for my use.

  • U AU A

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    how about linux lite? thanks

  • Your voice reminds me of Paul Gilbert's.

  • Which is most compatible with Wine toward installing a few Windows application? Thanks

  • zenzen

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    They are both free. Take a secondary computer – if you have one – and try both before you install one on your main system. I personally prefer the Debian based version of Mint. It has a smaller user base, but is noticeably faster.

  • How is MATE pronounced?

  • I agree with you that Linux mint is very traditional with its choices such as software updates and windows-like functionality. I used mint cinnamon for over 2 months and it gets really boring to use. I would even consider XFCE version of the same over its own flagship.Driver support is really poor with MInt because my Nvidia or even nouveau never worked smoothly on their code. I just switched to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS daily build as the day of the release is approaching, and I must say it's surprisingly stable and good driver with few bugs I found.

  • I'm techie and still like mate more than mint. I have been trying many distros and always coming back to mate bc of ease of use. It has been been my daily driver two years now. Never have had major problems with it. Nvidia drivers with my current desktop is the only thing that doesn't work. I got lots of support from community but none of advice worked. It's complete mystery.

  • I just became a Linux user to I installed Ubuntu and mint side by side and for me a lifelong windows user Mint was easier to understand

  • Hmm….
    Switched to Mint when Ubuntu perpetrated Unity. Haven't had any pressing desire to go back.
    I would take issue with you on one small point, Chris. I am partially sighted, and the steady erosion of user customisation has made Mint Mate harder for me to use.
    Thank you for a consistently good and meaty vlog.

  • love your videos. I like mint but have settled on Ubuntu Mate. Ubuntu Mate everything just works and works well. The biggest reason though is my eyes get sore very quickly on mint even when I change the fonts to same as Ubuntu Mate yet Ubuntu Mate I can use all day without getting sore eyes. Even without that problem I would still use Ubuntu Mate as for me everything just works

  • I'll just leave a picture of my Mint 18.3 desktop right here: https://i.imgur.com/iFElmdP.jpg

  • Hi Chris thank you for an excellent Linux distro comparison vlog. I'm going to try the latest versions of Ubuntu Mate & Linux Mint Cinnamon by installing them on an external SSD. Would you be willing to do a vlog review of ArchMerge Linux as it seems an excellent OS. ArchMerge came ArchBang Linux. Which are both based on Arch Linux. Thank you.

  • I came right from windows. Ubuntu Mate did not feel finnished. I mean buttons would appear outside of the windows, and ugly design. Felt like windows 98. But it was very snappy and stable. But I can't see how anyon can recommend an operating system where buttons appear outside of the windows. It's so basic, I cant belelieve it. And no search button on the start menue? Hello windows 98

  • I like Mint Mate because it's based on the longtime supported and stable version of Ubuntu.
    I always choose stability over "newness" of the latest versions and rolling releases offered by Ubuntu and some other distributions of Linux.
    Linux Mint in my view represents a good balance between the polish, comfort, usability, robustness, and stability of this wonderful flavor of Linux. The second best pair is the Ubuntu XFCE flavor, called Xubuntu and Mint XFCE.
    In either Mate flavor, most frequently I select Black Mate theme, Black Ambient window border, and Mate Faenza Dark icons.
    As for the Windows, I think that The the reason most people still stick to this OS is that they are used to this OS itself, its apps and its "toys".
    I think people need to be shown superiority of Linux apps and ability to play games over the Windows apps and its ability to play games more often.
    The Linux OS in itself is far superior to Windows OS, in my view: this is rather well established already.

  • hi, i live in a country that can tracks our tweets and lock us in most scenarios, what i can do besides using vpn services? because they can track it too using something called filtering as someone decried it, thanks for your videos.

  • Ubuntu Mate is clearly better. Why? The Kodi Media Center locks up in Mint. In fact, Kodi can be selected as a DE in in Ubuntu.

  • What do you think of tiling window managers? Like i3 or bspwm

  • If you have a wacom pick mint. Ubuntu mate works on win 10 wsl…

  • Nothing wrong with rambly … nothing at all. 🙂

  • LavosLavos

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    Built a FAST PC, Started out with Ubuntu MATE, ran into minor issues. Swapped to Mint Cinnamon, everything works.

  • I started with Ubuntu 8.04, and fell in love with the GNOME 2.3 desktop immediately. I was crushed when Unity, a DE that NOBODY ELSE has ever used (which should have shown Canonical something). Linus Torvalds said that when Unity came out, he had to switch to LXDE, and, while it was a downgrade from GNOME 2.3, but an upgrade from GNOME 3. I made do with XCFE and LXQT for a while, afraid that I'd never again use that wonderful DE. Then MATE was announced.

    I started using MATE with whatever version of Mint first had it. I do find Mint to be slightly annoying with its system of updates, so I went back to Ubuntu and installed MATE from the PPA. Then Ubuntu MATE came out and I will never use another distro again, and will never use a better DE than MATE.

  • NickNick

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    For me Cinnamon and the Mint tools make Mint into something more than just another flavour of Ubuntu.
    And Cinnamon itself keeps getting better and better, and more feature full with every iteration.

  • Agree with you, Chris Were, about the Linux Mint and U Mate being a tie. I tend to favor Ubuntu Mate', especially if one is supporting multiple machines. It is closer to the Ubuntu Mothership, and one has more confidence that it will continue as a distro.

  • To me it comes to Cinammon. Ilike Cinammon better than Mate, therefore Mint is better to me than Ubuntu Mate

  • I was interested in this as I had settled on the Linux Mint Mate distro on my laptop. I tried out the Ubuntu Mate but found that a key program I use was not in any of the repositories it uses so I am back with Mint. I did like the Ubuntu version though and might try it again.

    As a though, could you run us through the job of installed software from tarballs sometime? I can get the program I want as a tarball but am unsure how to install it.

  • XFCE

  • An interesting distro comparison;  Deepin (the original Debian) and Ubuntu-Mate 🙂 Ben, your fan in El Paso, TX

  • I would have mentioned that Mint have some great in-house apps that I much prefer over Ubuntu's alternatives; namely the update manager, software manager and the software sources manager. Obviously those are unique to all spins of Mint, but it does differentiate.

  • I've been feeling the urge to start distro hopping again, but likely going to end up back on LXLE. A few of the changes for 16.04.3 look nice and I've been pretty comfortable using LXDE,. The familiarity means I can get things laid out how I like in just a few minutes.

    I did spend last weekend playing games with my nephew on a Mint Cinnamon 18.2 machine and felt right at home. When the majority of your time is spent in Steam or a browser then everything else is ancillary. The last time I used Mint Mate 18.1 it was pretty nice as well, but I switched drives on that machine and ended up back on LXLE after a fight with Ubuntu XFCE 16.04 (some networking issue out of the box preventing me from sharing files).

    On another note, Firefox has been an absolute dog for me and slowly giving me more issues all year long. I still haven't decided where I am going to end up browser-wise, but I found out that Qupzilla is now a part of KDE and changed the name to Falkon. There is a snap for it, and other than a few minor errors reported when ran from the terminal it seems to work well. A lot of the Qupzilla branding is still there, and it's showing Version 2.1.99. It's pretty fast, and the speed dial work very similar to one I use on Firefox. It has AdBlock Plus and a user agent switcher built in. It will be nice to see where it goes once they get settled in over at KDE.

  • I wish the xfce version of Mint got some more love. Been using it for a while now even though my PC can handle high system requirements because of how good it works.

  • Well they're both Ubuntu one's got cinnamon desktop and one has got mate desktop

  • I'm a Mint XFCE user and love it best but I was playing around with the 18.3 Mate and its pretty good despite a few bugs. I think Mint's multiple versions limits it a bit whereas Ubuntu Mate is solely focused on Mate so their version is a bit more polished.

  • I used both for about 2 months now as a fresh user. As a gamer, I recommend Mate as it's more stable with Nvidia graphic card. Miny however, is slightly more fun to use. If you're not a gamer, both are pretty solid for beginners.

  • Chris,
    Stress tested Cinnamon, scenario; all my media is on Win 7 machine, when I connect on home network and surf around the many music folders one after the other, about 4-5 mins in doing this Nemo closes? Starting to think it's dropping the network connection for some reon but how do I find a log to tell me, any pointers..thanks
    It does not crash the desktop, just closes that folder on the Win 7 box that i am surfing from Mint, it does not do this on Mint/Ubuntu Mate, weird!