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Ubuntu Vs Arch Linux | Which is the Best Linux Distro?

Ubuntu and Arch Linux couldn’t be more different from each other. If You look carefully, you’ll see that in every aspect, they both are the extreme opposite of each other.
So today I will be comparing Ubuntu 18.04 and Arch Linux side by Side and in depth, and as you know, I’ll keep it short and on point.

Install Ubuntu 18.04 step-by-step:

Download Ubuntu:

Download Arch Linux:


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  • arch is best and Ubuntu for kids.

  • Lol, then just install Ubuntu server and your favorite gui. Both use the same kernel.

  • Ubuntu is complete masala mix.
    Arch linux is pure vegan.

  • arch: 1:47 literally 2 frames per seconds
    this guy: you can see it runs super smooth

  • I am using arch with i3

  • none of our servers run Ubuntu nor do they have a GUI.

  • Wait. Ubuntu just comes with essential home computing software and that's enough to make it perform lower then Arch? What happens when Arch gets some packages installed?

  • Can we use Ubuntu For pentesting ???

  • "wassgetup"

  • "I wouldn't recommend a rolling release distribution for gaming" – Wow, I've never heard a more baseless and stupid argument. PS – I use Arch + LFS

  • I use arch btw

  • Arch install is not that difficult just follow arch wiki and you have perfect operating system

  • You are not from Texas.

  • Ubuntu is a fork or Debian. Arch is from scratch. How is this a valid comparison Arch in this but Debian is better.
    |. This Many
    V. Like Debian

  • Great video!
    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Installing arch as a first distro is not difficult just follow the bloody wiki and be patient (and try partitioning on VM before if you plan to dual boot… otherwise you might delete something important)

  • im using a kali linux and linux mint

  • The question is wrongly framed. Which is the best diestro depends on what you need it for in the first place.

  • I like Arch Linux

  • I am a simple guy, I see easy stuff, I use it.

  • For me installation isn't a big deal. If spending 2 hours now gives me a better experience for the thousands of future hours, I'll happily invest the time.

  • I like arch but elementary o.s is way better than ubuntu

  • I am using manjaro, best compromise. I switched from ubuntu best decision I have ever made .

  • I started my linux experience with mint and only switched to arch so I could learn more about the underlying systems and how to use bash efficiently. That being said, I don't plan on using anything other than arch in the future. Once you have it set up, it's pretty much the same user experience, just that you have a better idea of what's going on under the hood, and have better capacity to make the system truly unique to what you need it for. Definitely for different audiences.

  • Ubuntu was dirty rotten bloarware turned and spyware. This was my experience since 2007 to the present day

  • There are some problems with this video. I am an Arch user, so I may be a bit biased, but you were still wrong in a lot of situations. Firstly, you gave Arch a point for user interface. Why?? There is no user interface at all for the distro, and Ubuntu should definitely win there. You also claimed that Arch had better performance. It doesn't really; all those apps installed on Ubuntu just take up more space, they don't really use more cpu when they are not open. The only thing that might make it feel slower is all the addons they install for Gnome. You also said that Ubuntu has more software. The AUR is huge, and I have never ran into any issues with software not being available, so I think they should both get a point here. For gaming, I have never had any issues with updates breaking my games. I don't think anyone really cares how much Valve supports one platform, as the community does all of the work to get it running on Arch. This is to say, they will be able to patch bugs faster than Valve will get around to patching them on Ubuntu. The installation is not "supposed" to be anything. Of course the install is easier and better on Ubuntu, but it is nice to customize exactly what gets installed on Arch. Drivers are never an issue on Linux. I have installed one driver that did not come in the default base group, which is the proprietary NVIDIA ones for cuda. I don't see why Ubuntu is so much better with drivers. They are both fine.

    You also never talked about some of the main reasons why Arch is superior. What about how much faster and easy to use pacman is? What about using different desktops? You didn't really talk about the upsides of rolling release, and the list goes on.

    I think this is just all up to preference, and this video showed how biased you are. Either is fine for the right situation, and I can respect your choice to use Ubuntu. I just don't think you should go around telling everyone why Ubuntu is "superior" and "THE BEST OPERATING SYSTEM" or whatever.

    By the way, what is this background footage? You talk about the Arch installer, and are showing the gnome settings menu. You also have completely unrelated gameplay clips at the end, which should have been during the gaming section.

  • weimuweimu

    Author Reply

    They are the fucking same, don't listen to this guy

  • I tried Ubuntu once, I spend hours and days on making a bootable USB for Ubuntu. It just got my Windows corrupted. So then I choose Arch Linux, I just have to follow the installation guide on Arch Linux Wiki and everything is okay. I am a web developer and I personally love full control & customization and that what Arch Linux offers. It is lightweight, fast and stable 🙂

  • Arch linux installation isn't hard. There are tons of tutorials on youtube and they have a solid wiki installation guide.
    I hate how people think command line == hard. It's just different. You don't get the pretty visuals of a GUI. But it's really the same thing.

    Oh… and even if you really care about having an "easy" GUI installer, there are tons of other options out there. Manjaro which is based off of Arch has a pretty GUI installer that is actually fewer steps than Ubuntu's installer.

    99.99% of anything you can get on Unbuntu you can also install on Arch… or any other linux distribution. Just because they don't come in a particular repository doesn't mean they're not available to you. Just go get it from the other distro's repository from your distro LMAO.

    Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu)? Remember the Unity Dash spyware fiasco?… No thanks canonical. I'll steer clear of your "software".

  • Yo who also on real Unix with macos

  • Best distros are probably Zorin OS or Manjaro when you're just a day to day regular user

  • Honestly, I think this video is biased, since the creator of this video uses Ubuntu on daily basis.

    If stability is the focus, go for Ubuntu, but again, updating Ubuntu from one version to another is a pain in the ass. Plus, the packages in the official repo of Ubuntu is outdated as hell, and it's quite tedious to add PPA every time to install an application.

    Arch is not appealing to many because most of the people are used to being spoonfed. Windows spoonfeeds people, providing them with everything out of the box and easy to use, and the same is with Ubuntu. Using Arch Linux needs some technical knowledge, as it's a more DIY operating system, where you build your own working system. Many people hate Arch for being unstable, but the system breaking is mostly because of human error, and there are plenty of ways to minimize that.

    If you're lazy or want things out of the box, just try Ubuntu. If you hate Ubuntu but want updated packages, then try Manjaro.

  • Arch all the way…

  • GarthGarth

    Author Reply

    ASSHOLE again Uneducated prick.. Hey prick want to chat I'm happy

  • According to me if you are advanced Linux user, arch is good to go..
    It is also "most stable Linux distro" available out there..

  • Basically we need reliable internet access for linux of any distributions. Am I right? And it's hard to have any installation when there's jamming device around.

  • Two very different target audiences, why even compare. It's like comparing a barebones WRC car to a BMW 5-series. Manjaro vs. Ubuntu is the proper comparison.

  • Arch Linux spreading Linux fascism, they forbade me to download installation iso and tried to hack me over torrent transmission app exploit tried all mirrors always failed👎☹👎, probably they blacklisted my ip address, and why❓ because I don't like Manjaro, I say fuck👇🙄👇👇🙄👇 Arch

  • Btw I use arch linux

  • Ubuntu with default desktop environment…
    Best choice

  • Does arch Linux comes with preinstalled python?

  • "Sophisticated installation procedure"


  • Try arch, try ubuntu and then decide. Easy enough, i guess ? :

  • 1:46 2:04 Wtf is that lag?