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Ubuntu Vs Debian | Which is the Best Linux Distro?

Debian and Ubuntu, both are one of the leading Linux distributions of all time. But which among them is the best? Which among them is more suitable FOR You? Ubuntu or Debian.

So, I will be comparing them both, Side by Side and in depth, and as you know, I’ll keep it short and on point.
Known for their rock-solid stability and a huge community support, both of these distros are one family but at the same time, miles apart from each other.

Download Ubuntu:

Download Debian:

How to install Ubuntu:


Lập Trình Linux
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Lập Trình Linux
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  • Nice

  • Vi TuVi Tu

    Author Reply

    What the name of the sound track of this video? also in regards to Debian. What about deepin? The amount of apps, video drivers and steam support will make it as good as ubuntu

  • Arch is best!
    // btw I use Arch

  • I closed all windows of my house as I hate windows…😎😎😎🤣
    How many tried Raspbian on Debian ,(Okay Linus him self said he did not try Debian as installation is hard)


  • The backround music is anoying

  • Cheers Mate!

  • Watching this on Ubuntu

  • Watching this while downloading Debian because my laptop keeps blue screening

    We can all agree windows sucks

  • Linux very often is about finding the most obscure distro and then saying it's so much better than the more widely used ones in order to prove your Linux cred on the internet.

  • ubuntu is debian with added ubuntu stuff those that you could get source and do itself on debian. ubuntu use all new when debian used safe tested old, but debian testing is same as ubuntu with extra

  • Why is you Desktop shortcut missing as I have got at 2:17.
    Howto get it back?

  • There is nothing like best Linux distro…Linux is a vibrant family with its smart users who know about what suits them.

  • KSKS

    Author Reply

    Like wtf are u comparing?

  • ubuntu if you like being harassed with updates and restart prompts and something breaking during a programming project

    debian if you need to get something done, and that you can easily shape into an ubuntu installation if you want it to look 👌 nice 👌

    debian-mini iso and ubuntu-mini iso if you actually want to set how updates are delivered because they're the only installers that are smart enough to actually *ask* you 😏😏😏
    Which is important because first impressions are everything in adoption

    Gentoo if you want to be that amateur photoshop guy who doesn't actually get paid because they take too long to get any work done and who thinks it'll make them a YouTube celebrity even though arch has made gentoo an obscurity in 2019 🤣

  • What game was being played?

  • mmc37mmc37

    Author Reply

    UBUNTU&DEBIAn is fucking COPY the IOS

  • Hey can you do a review of BOSS OS.

  • What a ridiculous video. What's with all the Xonotic footage, and what's that got to do with Debian vs Ubuntu?

  • neither of them lol use manjaro deeping edition based on arc better then debian

  • Wanna see how you install nvidia drivers on Debian 10

  • Looks like a remake of tremulous….. or copy of the unvanquished project

  • ًً

    Author Reply

    Debian has unstable and testing repos which if you enable will make your system rolling release and much more up to date than Ubuntu.

  • Which is lighter on resources? I have a 7 year-old Acer laptop with 4GB of RAM. On which OS will it run faster?

  • Debian GNU/linux is by far more stable than Ubuntu.. Ubuntu violates user privacy and has blobs in it.. not really good