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Ubuntu Vs Linux Mint | Which is the Best Linux Distro?

In this video, I will be comparing Ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19 side by Side and in depth, and as you know, I’ll keep it short and on point.
Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the top 2 Linux distributions that come to mind when you want a stable, user-friendly and polished Linux distribution for your desktop or laptop.
Ubuntu and Linux Mint, are very close to each other and at the same time, miles apart.
Both of these distros have a passionate and loyal community behind them and the debate as to which of these two is better has been going on for years.
So which among them is the best? Which among them is more suitable FOR You? Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Let’s find out.
I love both Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Ubuntu is a great distro which revolutionarised the way Linux is consumed. It made Linux accessible to millions of people. It also enabled the not so tech-savvy people to install and use Linux. And Ubuntu provides a great computing experience too.
Now Linux Mint used this amazing distro as the foundation and built on it. Polished it and made something beautiful out of it. Linux Mint just feels so much more natural. It’s maintained a simplicity that is really appreciable. In a time where technology is changing and evolving every day, Linux Mint provides you a consistent and upto date computing experience that you’ll just fall in love with.

How to install Ubuntu:

How to install Linux Mint:

Download Ubuntu:

Download Linux Mint:


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  • Great video! But lose the background music, it's very distracting!

  • mint…thankyou

  • Which os will start up quickly, mint or ubuntu ?

  • Usb thetering to estsblish wired network using usb data cable doesn't work in ubuntu!! I have been facing this issue since very long also the help guide steps are not that relevant to trouble shoot the issue related to networking or internet ?? So, had to switch back to windows again bcoz of lack of networking drivers support in ubuntu !!

  • Linux mint the Best !!!!

  • JojaJoja

    Author Reply

    Mint is more rescource friendly
    But if i had 8 gb ram i would go with ubuntu

  • Linux Mint 19.3 wasn't stable for me, likewise Ubuntu 19.10…. the best for me would be Ubuntu 18.04 though of course it consumes slightly more resources than equivalent Linux Mint

  • I have installed Linux mint in my desktop and I bought a new WiFi adapter which support this os but I unable to install the driver I am totally distracted…for this one reason I wanted to switch back to windows.. please help me to fix and stay with Linux…..

    I am waiting for your reply

  • This video was in my Youtube recommended page…

    About half of all Linux is based on Ubuntu core.

    This includes Mint. That is a fact.

    The reason this is the case is two fold.

    1). Ubuntu has a App Store. Mint uses this store. Get it?

    2). Ubuntu, operated by Canonical, has access to the Canonical driver library. This explains why everything that can run Ubuntu, can run on Mint.

    Everything else boils down to look and feel… and personal preference.

    I use Ubuntu.


    Author Reply

    thank you for the info

  • Neither, both crap!

  • Is 16 GB pendrive enough for making bootable USB for Linux mint?

  • brian@brian-iMac:~$

  • Are all Linux distros always slightly laggy? Animations are certainly not as smooth as windows. I'm saying this from my experience and these review videos

  • watching this video on a browser on my ubuntu. Time to switch to Mint.

  • anyone who wants to buy linuxtex.com domain? I own it and now i want to sell it!
    Find me on facebook:

  • are there really differences? D'you know that if you change your PC's date way ahead(eg. change year to 2050) grub boot loader will show Ubuntu…..instead of linux mint + version number.

  • Mint all the way !

  • WINDOWS !!!!!!!!!

  • شكرا

  • Mint all the way


  • OpenSUSE Leap 15 with KDE Plasma 5. I can't get Ubuntu based distros to do what I want on the desktop. They work OK for less complex usage on laptops, though I have a Sony Vaio with the same setup as my workstation. I've been using KDE for a long time so that may be the deciding factor, but the YaST admin tools are the real reason. Ubuntu is good, and I have Lubuntu 18.04 working fine on a 2006 MacBook, where the hardware won't allow OSX to be upgraded. And before anyone says I can run KDE on Ubuntu, I have tried that and it is not as good. For whatever reason Plasma 5 does not like Ubuntu.

  • i tried Mint first and liked it from the get-go. i dual-boot Mint as my primary and Ubuntu as my back-up now (both MATE)

  • Windows is more stable then these two trash

  • can we have a comparison between Zorin OS 15 and Ubuntu Mate 19? these are my two favourite distros

  • I have been using Linux Mint… and for last 8 years I never had a urge to switch. It is just that good.

  • Mint is based on ubuntu, what i understand the desktop environment is different

  • Oeboettoe