Lập Trình Linux

Unix touch, cp, mv Commands | UNIX Tutorial | Mr. Subba Raju

Unix touch, cp, mv Commands | UNIX Tutorial | Mr. Subba Raju

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  • Awesome explanation sir. Thanks for this great video.

  • Thank you. Guys if you do not have a virtual box setup, use https://www.webminal.org/ for online practice of linux commands

  • Sir please create unix/linux playlist

  • https://youtu.be/biR36_G-KaA

  • tq sir

  • Submarine Cable Systems Development

  • Your voice is really annoying. Please gargle and then explain and learn to keep a smile on your face. You are a teacher , not a dictator.

  • @naresh sir–How can i save and exit in mac …?

  • Good teAching sir.

  • Nice video

  • hii raju faru, i am following your vedios could you provide unix notes like pdf

  • Could you please tell me if i have a directory dir1 with files and directories in it, but i just want to copy directory dir1 to new directory dir2 without the contents of dir1

  • Hello sir…All the videos of your channel are really very helpful…All the faculty seems to be highly experienced and their knowledge speaks…Who is Naresh by the way

  • what is the use of a file with touch command if the file is empty?

  • nice one

  • For recursive which should we use
    -r or -R

  • When moving the same file
    If you say no then will the previous file be deleted

  • confusing and very fast 🙁

  • tOo niCe SR sUCh A bRiEf eXplAnAtioN 👍👌👌

  • Not having words to appreciate. Simply outstanding training. Thanks a ton

  • Very good explanation.. good job. Clip has vital information about UNIX.

  • Very clearly explained. Thanks a lot

  • Hi Subba
    Once again thanks
    Brilliant job…
    Really awesome.

  • very thankful to u sir, before comming here dont knw the basis of unix but now becomming fluent in unix day by day..

  • for the begginers realy its helpful

  • hi sir this videos explanation is everybody will see will get more knowledge about unix .nice explanation sir

  • very nice class

  • when we are moving a file to non created directory with giving a some name, what will happen,then the directory will automatically created or not??answer me sir

  • very lucid explanation !!! very fortunate to have such a fantastic faculty​ .. will definitely suggest friends and colleagues to check this tutorial out

  • Try this

    rm -Riv dir1

    dir1 should be non empty.

  • Tasks

    [4 marks]

    Hello sir
    how i can solve that task please send solution on my mail bainssandeep9@gmail.com

    Historically, the standard command for listing files, ls, did not provide facility to sort files by their size (in bytes). More recently, the ls command has received a new -S switch to sort files by size.
    Without using the new -S switch, develop a command pipeline to list files, sorted by their size.
    [4 marks]
    When sorting a text file containing both a header-line and data in multiple columns, we must be careful to not sort the header-line, too, else the header-line may end up in the "middle" of the lines of data.
    Consider the text file australian-universities.txt
    If we just sort it by either its 1st field (state name), then the initial header line will be incorrectly positioned in the middle of the output.
    Write a shellscript to sort text file, australian-universities.txt by the number of its international students, while keeping the header-line at the top of the output.
    [4 marks]
    Using a file of simple text to provide the input data, develop a command or shellscript to uniquely list all words found in the file (list each unique word once).
    We'll define a "word" to be any sequence of one-or-more alphabetic characters, the words "Hello" and "hello" are distinct words, and all other non-alphabetic characters should be ignored.
    [8 marks]
    Consider the following webpage: Perth, Western Australia February 2017 Daily Weather Observations which presents a number of weather observations from February. That webpage is written and presented in HTML (as you can guess from its use of fonts and colours), but HTML can be difficult to process using simple command scripts. Of greater interest to us are text-only equivalents providing the raw-data, here: February 2017 and February 2016.
    We've been told that the weather for February 2017 was more extreme than for February 2016 (in fact, that a number of records were broken).
    Based on your own definitions, write a shellscript to determine which corresponding weather observations in 2017 were more extreme than those in 2016.

  • commands you are a commander

  • your lecture pdf please send and also suggest book

  • sir any pdf of your pdf please send

  • Thanks a lot, very good tutorials you made.Please make more.
    Greetings from Nl


  • Great Knowledge