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Venom Linux: Rolling, Source-based distro based on Linux From Scratch

Venom Linux is a rolling, source-based distro based on Linux From Scratch, and inspired by Crux.

All .isos are x86_64 (BIOS/UEFI)
Init – sysvinit

Venom Linux website:

Venom Linux download:

Venom Linux github:


Linux From Scratch LiveCD download:

Linux From Scratch LiveCD github:


Installation Videos (from the developer):

Nguồn: https://ftlinuxcourse.com

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://ftlinuxcourse.com/lap-trinh-linux

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  • Hey, thats a nice review. Thanks a lot, i very appreciate it. This distro is still new and still maintained by one man, thats me. And i got help from friends and small community to testing and reporting bugs.
    I see you use old iso which is caused high possibility to encounter an error when install or upgrade if you dont really familiar with sourcebased distro and debugging. Venom iso is released once in a month to make sure packages not so far outdated when user install it even though venom is rolling release.
    Venom linux has telegram group which venom community is there to help each other. I'm very glad if you could join us.
    Btw, i really love your talk in your videos, its really help me relax 😁

  • Venom bites 😉

  • Fascinating Venom, runs smoothly on my precarious hardware, installed with openbox, it was wonderful, great work of the developer, scratch works beautifully, simple and fully functional, well in the style of linux "write programs well, interacting with other programs "

  • Was thinking, a base system with X and a editor,filemanager,all the drivers and a xterm,simple window manager, and the package manager already there to run, should lessen the blow of using a bsd style ports system. At least it is not as hard as gentoo

  • I am installing this right now. Looks like source based evil and debauchery that I enjoy. Btw how did you get a picture of my wife to use as the wallpaper? 🤣

  • nice wallpaper.

  • I like the name.

  • Nice wall paper 🙂

  • omg why why why why jus put in trash and forget

  • The anti-venom is in the repo, right? 😀

  • There's a certain satisfaction I get from maintaining a system via source alone. Not that I do it now days, but have in the past. I found that when I got it right, I was very reluctant to destroy it in any way, treating it like a gem. Very much enjoyed this review.

  • Downloaded the xorg ISO, at the moment I'm putting Plasma on it, will take a bit of time. Then to theme it. Using Vbox at the moment, it's all cool at the moment though.

  • eznixeznix

    Author Reply

    I do not have the patience for this source based stuff. I can barely stand the Calculate Linux binary package updates as it takes forever, especially with KDE Plasma desktop that gets updates every 30 minutes. I can appreciate all the work it takes to build and maintain an LFS based distro, it's just not for me. NuTyX makes it far easier.