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VI Editor – Linux Tutorial #14

this video introduces VI Editor. The VI editor is the most popular and classic text editor in the Linux family.

Click on the time points below to view different sections!

0:16 Why VI Editor?
1:16 Command Mode
1:39 Insert Mode
2:24 Command Mode
5:12 Moving Within File
5:54 Saving or closing the file
7:05 Summary

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  • Thanks

  • 2:11 start

  • Never ever going to touch that abomination, it must have been outdated 40 years ago, nano all the way.

  • best tutorial for beginners vm editor

  • Vi is not user friendly and very confusing.

  • User friendly my ass. If you need a video to explain how to use a text-editor your text-editor is not user-friendly.

    And even after that, new users will make an extreme amount of errors simply because its not friendly in any way.

  • weirdest text editor I've ever seen. But your video helped to understand.

  • helpful video 🙂

  • dude, that was an awesome explanation, thank you. I am taking a linux class where we have to script. my teacher is shit, he expects us to open vi and use it without any exposure to linux or scripting. your video explained more to me than his awful 3 hours class. thank you.

  • Cool! Really simple and easy to understand….very helpful

  • Thank you Sir!

  • Perfect video. Thanks!

  • 0:17 The hell is that thing?!

  • gVIM is the best i think

  • Thank you! It was very helpful

  • Excellent and clear explanation

  • thanks for VI

  • Acha padhaya bhai good

  • i logged in to my mail just to specially like your video,awesome work mannn!!!

  • Is escape mode not different from command mode?

    Escape mode is the default mode.

    You can give certain inputs in the escape mode changes the mode internally into Insert mode & then you have to hit esc key to return because the insert mode does not automatically return to escape mode & insertion continues.

    You can give certain inputs in escape mode that internally changes to insert mode, then automatically return to escape or default mode.

    To save the insertion or changes, you need to hit : from esc mode.
    : is called command mode.


  • this is what i needed… thanks

  • Thanku sir..vry useful video

  • vry gud short tutorial

  • VI editor most popular text editor in linux family, do you even nano? 😀

  • I just loved this video….. learning vi editor was so difficult….but now I have gained it all…..

  • Thanks

  • nano is NOT a version of vi, it is an emulator of pico text editor found in pine. Good tutorial otherwise.


  • This is kind of a funny video, because it's like a cool advertisement. I have tried various text editors and my favorites are Emacs (Linux/Unix), TextWrangler (Mac) and SuperEdi (Windows).