Vladimir Putin considering law change to keep power

Russia’s ruling party says it would back an amendment to the constitution that would allow Vladimir Putin to stay on as president until at least 2036, if he decided …


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  • Russia is screwed.

  • Thank you for your hard fateful work, Putin. You are a brilliant, intelligent and cosmic Leader who works and understands a global conceptual management.

  • Putin I hate you

  • Putin 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Putin must be died

  • Down with pain

  • Putin go to hell son of the bitch

  • Putin is lying

  • Putin is devil

  • Putin is traitor

  • Путин на тебя надо какает

  • Путин ты хуже чем свинья пошёл на х…….

  • Now we have to keep an eye on trump, this guy wants lifelong power too!

  • Tsar Putin

  • Who else makes constitution so that they will stay in power for 14 more year??
    He is making a system of government where he is the primary beneficiary.
    I cannot tell my boss that IAM going to mandatory work there for 14 more years!
    I cannot tell a woman that she have to be with me for 14 more year and her choice to leave is bogus .(although it will be funny)
    He should change his name from
    Put-in to in-put

  • Russia has a new tsar. What a weak people.

  • President Putin is thinking big change.

  • Türk milletinin azabından gazabından korkmalısınız kâfir yaratıklar

  • Vilademir Putin sen bir kâfir yaratıksın

  • This man seeks one thing, power and one day will seek world domination.