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Wallbase-Downloader — Get HD Wallpaper – Linux CLI


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  • Great thing, thank you very much!

  • HelloHello

    Author Reply

    Eroor not open

  • And a beter way to customize search… doesnt work to me

  • looks almost great.
    All that needs to be added is an option to limit the download images.

  • For some reason the query part of the script does not seem used. If i'm using just one keyword i'm getting all sorts of wallpapers.. However all irrelevant to the search i did..

  • hehe I see, yea was little confuse but is all good, still getting free wallpapers the lazy way

  • Caveman's style lol
    As funny as it sound, I might do just that

  • now u wont have to use Tux wallpaper no more =D

  • oh u can file an bug on the github page then

  • lols go oldschool and use phone to record computer screen

  • I'll be really alive once I can get my screen capture script working again in HD. There's so much cool idea and concept i want to share with the Linux community!
    And turn a few mac's users into us while I am at it lol

  • The script is giving me errors. Has something to do with cut, have not had time to take a look at it to find out what is going.

  • nice mate as per, will give it a go in a mo

  • i use a few =D

  • linux

  • welcome back from the dead =D

  • You've been spending a lot more time in the CLI lately. Awesome