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Wallpaper Filters for Linux wallpaper changer

How to change the look of your wallpapers – I find that some photo wallpapers are distracting and use variety for my wallpaper changer. Here I show how to use the same type of filters for the XFCE and KDE built in wallpaper changer. – Click Show More

install Imagemagick and use the following filters –

batch convert = mogrify *.jpg -quality 50% *.jpg

batch convert = mogrify *.jpg -quality 50% -spread 10 -noise 3 *.jpg

single file = convert 2014-01-06_13.45.24.jpg -quality 50% -spread 10 -noise 3 2014-01-06_temp.jpg

-type Grayscale

Heavy blur
-blur 120×40

Soft blur
-blur 20×7

Oil painting
-paint 8

Pencil sketch
-colorspace gray ( +clone -tile ~/.config/variety/pencil_tile.png -draw “color 0,0 reset” +clone +swap -compose color_dodge -composite ) -fx ‘u*.2+v*.8′”””

-spread 10 -noise 3

-scale 3% -scale 3333%

rename files N=1; for X in *.jpg; do mv $X filtered$N.jpg; N=$(($N+1)); done


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