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Warcraft 3 | Custom | Mayo Hero Defense

Choose 1 hero of 62 custom heroes & defend your base as a Team from Waves of Monsters! Includes Quests.

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Produced by Rich “WTii” Langley
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Game: Warcraft 3 (The Frozen Throne)
Media: Gameplay Commentary
Version: 1.30.4
Mode: Multiplayer
Platform: PC
Genres: Real-time Strategy, Fantasy
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Nguồn: https://ftlinuxcourse.com

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  • For the giant, couldn't you charge the Middle to get all of them inferno?

  • Weird, you didn't get inferno armor first🙄seeing as you are always surrounded! And always need more kills for damage

  • I'm pretty sure it's only when an item is on cooldown that you aren't able to move it.

  • watch this, proceeds to miss 90% of his attacks, its kind of working

  • 1:11:05 watch item in the 6th slot. It disappears and I didnt see him transfer the item to his chicken… wtf happened

  • Hmmm this map looks like skamigos hero defense

  • I appreciate the hero you picked and I really wanted to see you pop off but the beginning was so painful… why horde gold when you could buy the reagents for the item and benefit while waiting to get the rest of the gold ? Come on wtii 🙁 (EDIT) By minute 30 he's doing it. YEEEEEEEEEY 😀

  • whats the best solo hero defense?

  • Kontol. Nyari yang betol pepek. Paok kali

  • quest all open pls

  • Noob carry

  • problems recognizing claws ? =D

  • The Lone Samourai was selling an item that would have been perfect for this caracter : the glove that has %total nb of kills dmg.

  • BACK U DEMONS AHAHHAAH you and ur team are funny AF gg

  • I do enjoy the fact that you're bringing awareness to so many custom maps as there's not many WC3 channels out there, but god it pains me to watch sometimes due to your lack of awareness of such simple things. You have a very greedy play style even when you have little to no knowledge of the map you're playing and that can make it hard to watch sometimes. I am grateful for your content, just couldn't hold back this comment any longer as these issues are in almost every video of yours I watch.

  • why is wtiiwarcraft name is GAGO because in filipino GAGO is a bad word
    just saying

  • ohh ffs learn to read will you ?

  • mudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamuda

  • ahh at the end why you didnt used your coprse eating and way early going for cleave with life steal had make your life even easier and the belly thing for frost armor would be better i think but nice map

  • how to quest 7 ?

  • I found your channel a few days ago and I keep watching your videos. I loved playing custom maps like this one back when I was a kid. How do you still play multiplayer. I'd love to play again

  • I understand it being hard to commentate and play at the same time, but the logic behind so many of his decisions is just too frustrating to watch.
    Picks a right click carry… proceeds to buy support items on it.
    Diasta can cast the ice armor on you. I.e. the perfect support item.

    If you play a carry buy carry items. You don't see people in dota buying pipe of insight on a PA.

  • why not buy the seperate items to improve your character instead of saving up for the full item? individually its not as good, true, but you'll need it anyways and it helps in the mean time.

  • every item in a recipe says what shop it's from in brackets next to it.. really amazed at how hard it is to understand.

  • is there any way i can get to spawn more creeps per wave playing solo? i tried adding bots but still get 24 creeps per wave

  • its funny when u are looking for items and it's saying (claw) and you are looking at everything, look for claw, or reflect=spikes and so on, sometimes i's very funny watching how you struggle to find some of the items that are right there lol

  • Filipino sees GAGOOOOO

  • _tzvr_tzvr

    Author Reply

    is there a way to pause or slown down rounds/waves? this shit is so hard for beginners

  • randompicknewb this game has been the biggest complaining baby this whole game..

  • "looking for something that seems inbalanced" has the same low tier items for the entire game.

  • I honestly dont know how u miss so many details.. It literally say bloody claw.. Looking shop. There is a HUGE claw item in it.. Still pass through it lol

  • "Worthy" after being fed and having an entire lane for yourself, still only being on par with your teammates. Hero was crap, Wtii 😀

  • kinda funky with the potions basically infinite hp

  • i love the warcraft games, don't get me wrong, but wtf have I just stumbled upon?

  • worsethansoysauce

  • Witi you could've combined your boots of hermes and cloak of inferno into wind boots which is a pretty decent upgrade I think(gives wind walk & a buff on all the effects) for only 3.5k and saves a slot too. You can see it at 1:07:35

  • and wtii never got the pinky token even tho he got the quest item
    still gg tho

  • too many customs

  • If only you knew of the auto-potion -.-

  • pls play this map again

  • Just finished the map on easy still took 90 minutes and 3 tries your character , the brothers and the demolisher(which won)

  • so many hates can we calm down. It probably because he staying up late s

  • Everyone stop picking on wtii he has feelings too <3

  • Hey wtti what would you say is your favorite custom game? also what is the best place to view and support you? I have been watching your youtube videos for years.

  • I've been working on a few major projects on my own. I've made a small 4v4 Capture the flag, where your units have 1 hp and 2-2 damage, you spawn in with a Hero who gets +1 Damage every 2 levels while gains +1 Health every level. 50 is the max level cap. You spawn with 2 footmen who can be used for an offensive or Defensive strategy. To win the map your side must get 10 Points by capturing the flag. if the game has gone for a long period of time a Nightelf flag will spawn that is worth 3 points. all other flags are worth 1 point. In the middle is a siege engine that is owned by the "Neutral Hostile" team which will attack any players units. it ignores the team's attacking units such as player 6 and player 18. When you keep leveling you will gain abilities such as Atomic Punch which stuns the target and deals damage based on the level of the Hero. You can set the color with "-colorme (lower case color name)" The hero will not keep the glow if they die. When your hero dies it has to wait a few seconds and they'll respawn. There are 2 events that may occur over time, you will gain +1 footman or zombies will spawn in the middle of the map randomly.

    Another one of my map projects is called "The Last Generator" which is a team hero defense where a Generator moves to random bases. (Currently, I have someone else helping me with the map so I am unable to edit it while it is being worked on by them. But the link to the current patch is here: https://www.epicwar.com/maps/290994/ ) In the coming patch, there will be a big change, Units will be more balanced and heroes will be more unique. There are round events that occur each round making it more challenging or worse or even better for your team. 15 waves is the current end #.

  • Poor diasta.
    'They will never remember all the times you helped them, but they will always remember that one time you didn't.'

  • stand with your back to the trees.
    basic diablo 1 strat ^^
    why let yourself get hit from ALL sides?

  • Keep up the great vids 😀

  • One of the best map with a lot of content! Thanks wtii!