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What is a kernel – Gary explains

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Spend enough time around Android and eventually you will come across the term, “the Linux kernel.” What is a kernel? Let’s find out!

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Lập Trình Linux
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  • kernel – ✓
    Colonel – X

  • SandySandy

    Author Reply

    Thanks for the video, helped with my server hired from Datasoft Networks www.datasoft.ws

  • It's what gets stuck between your teeth when you eat popcorn.

  • Oh now Linux is just a Kernel

  • Very well explained! Thanks so much!

  • So, people talk about "Linux phones." Which is interesting because the popular OS "Linux" is actually GNU, so with that in mind, would Android phones be Linux devices already?

  • good guy thank you for explaining all this issues.

  • Your channel is great man! I am an electronics student and we don't get this quality information even though we're working with microcontrollers all the time.

  • Thank you!
    But what happens when I install drivers (like the graphics drivers for example ) after installing Linux? Does installing these drivers modify the kernel?

  • kentucky fried chicken also has a kernal

  • TIL my phone has a bonnet. 😜 thanks for a great video seriously though

  • This gave me kernel panic.

  • An example of a "talk with a kernel" – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUAK7t3Lf8s

  • What is the purpose of that horrible background music? People interested in kernels are hardly interested in music. And if they were, they would probably chose it them self.

  • Plz makes videos in hindi..ur explanation is good sir..but I understand little bit..

  • Whenever he says keuuurrrrneul.

  • Linus has put on weight

  • Better explanation

  • Is the kernel software or firmware and why?

  • I thought BIOS was the lowest level of software.
    What's the difference between BIOS and kernel?

  • So kernel is basically the lowest layer of software above the cpu that manage it and every programs needs from the hardware go through kernel.

  • These are the types of "definitions" I don't like, it's 10 minutes of general info dump and terminology without actually getting into the important stuff ie how does it work? If it's the base of the system what language do you use to make it, is bios and it the same thing etc

  • "OS10" ouch….

  • My ubuntu 18.04 LTS is stuck on a purple screen on booting. I've tried nomodeset it's still not working.

  • humans have a kernel

  • 4:29 "I think I know a bit about where operating [systems?] are going in the next decade or so."
    Missed a word there, dear professor? LOL! No biggie…

  • 15 million lines of code, that's why I didn't become a computer programmer..I can't type.

  • What is different between kernel and os,,,

  • Ch PeCh Pe

    Author Reply

    A kernel is a piece of corn.

  • Really very informative keep up the good work !

  • I am surprised there isn't a kernel titled the "Popcorn Kernel" lol

  • 'computers are so dumb'

    so you are when you're born

  • I just to know if it is possible to add graphic tablet support in android kernel?

  • Building your own Kernal is like building your own car, possible. But you better know what your doing.

  • https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/Darwin/Conceptual/KernelProgramming/Architecture/Architecture.html

  • Darwin is not a kernel.

  • kernel is the maid of applications🤔

  • Great video, thank you. Can you make a video? Of what is kernel level threading?

  • Thank you. Super solid info. You're awesome.