Lập Trình Linux

What version of Linux is the best?

In this video, I explain which version of Linux you should use for your needs. There are a variety of distributions out there and I go through and explain why one is more suited for your needs than another.

In the below list I don’t recommend any forks of Ubuntu. My philosophy is that a major company needs to back the distribution. For this reason I don’t recommend Linux Mint, elementary OS, and other off shoots with slow release schedules based on Ubuntu. Also, many of the pleasing aspects from these great looking distributions can be achieved in their big brothers.

These distributions have been around for a long time and aren’t going anywhere.

Beginners – Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop
Underpowered PCs – Lubuntu
Privacy Concerns – Tails
Enterprise Users – Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Enterprise Users on a Budget – CentOS

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  • It sounds like the tails could be used for illegal activity but also for people who want privacy on the Internet or people in restrictive countries who want to use Tor for whistleblowing etc

  • I use Debian with a Ubuntu kernel and Ubuntu driver repos… Would that be considered Debain or Ubuntu?

    Btw you can get RHEL for free if you just sign up on their website as a part of their Developer program. You can get up to 16 licenses but no technical support. But you do get all of the RedHat certified software and RedHat customer forum accsess which could be helpful for fixing issues. This option is best if your an IT student like myself

  • until now do you still recommend ubuntu for beginner? thank you

  • Hey Chris/YT Community, do you know in which file the linux version is stored. I have been searching for a while now and couldn't find any. I do know some commands, e.g uname, lsb_release, proc, but which file does contain all the information. Thanks for your assistance in advance!!! I llike your videos by the way, helped me a lot. Keep going, greetings from Europe!

  • What about Linuxmint ?

  • It's simple girl for RedHat if you have money else stick to Ubuntu If you are familiar with Mac or use Mint (or Zorin) if you are from windows user base. If you are experienced developer and you just care about speed go for Debian or Arch. If you want to do hacking or penetration testing redhat, perriot OS or Kali Linux are best best

  • I would recommend Linux Mint or even Ubuntu Mate to new users, long before I would send them to straight Ubuntu. Linux Mint unarguably has gateway-ed more people from Windows than any other distribution. I have no problem installing anything in Mint, especially video drivers and software. Mint is so rock solid, it's boring. When I want speed, I load Manjaro and to keep the conformity with Mint, I load the Cinnamon desktop on both distributions.

  • I am runing lubuntu on a old pc but looking to build a pc for CentOS to run DaVinci Resolve . What do you recommend ?

  • not always are frequent updates good… My old hp laptop had to be wiped when I upgraded to 19.10 #boycott eon ermine

  • this is a really good video for any beginner out there. like me

  • 0:07 I found my second sock with the coordinates. What the hell?

  • I'm thinking of debian what's your opinion?

  • Red Hat only cost $300 😮 It's cheap for what they offer

  • You are missing a whole point. Linux mint is much more polished and robust distro even though it is based on Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu not for me! in case you are wondering whether to install mint 19.1 or Ubuntu 18.10. Read on
    I do not know if these issues is specific to my Dell laptop or not.

    Jittery mouse pointer as soon as you touch it.
    Compatibility issues with my Bluetooth headphones. Need to forget the device and find everytime.
    Laptop is not recognising my external microphone. Recorded a whole screen video only to find out there is no audio.
    Battery life less than windows. (I have TLP)
    Not snappy as it used to be.
    Software error message popping up everytime.
    Not as snappy and robust as it used to be.
    No steam in case you play games.
    Installing custom themes is tideous. You need to download from 'gnome look' and then create .themes folder in your computer etc…

    Well getting in bed with Windows is not working out well for Ubuntu… 😃

    Just unistalled today and installed Linux mint 19.1 Cinnamon

    The interface looks much more polished snappy and robust. Fingers crossed.

    Edit: Update 1: Mint is much more user friendly. There is a software update icon which sends regular updates like in windows!

    I no longer have any issues with my External microphone or Bluettoth headphones. Fast seamless synchronisation.

    Edit 2: Update 2: I can confirm after using for two days… All the issues I was facing with Ubuntu is now resolved!

    Mint is a much better user experience!

    If I come across any bugs or issues I will keep you posted.


  • Not your best video you've ever made, I bet you look back and think this guys is being elitist with his choices.

  • We use Redhat on all of are servers but we are starting to use Cloud Linux

  • Most software will only work with windows or Mac OS. So there are no usable Linux distros you could switch to long term.

  • Can I use CentOS or mint for unreal engine or unity game development ?

  • What's the best for out of the box security features/most hardened?

  • Noob question. If I use CentOS, how can I make it have a black theme? I'd like to leave Win10 and black theme helps me see everything better, as I'm visually impaired.

  • CentOS yeah!

  • I'll stick to Arch

  • Surprised about the advice on Mint.. appears to be well supported and very compatible

  • Why not Gentoo or Void Linux??

  • I used use red hat 1 but it was sold and became red hat something

  • please help !
    For an aspiring data scientist that knows python and wants to get into ML and DL – using old thinkpad like T430 with nvs5400m graphics card.
    Do you recommend CentOS ?
    Thank you