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Which Linux Distribution Is Best For Me? Top 11 Linux Based Operating Systems

It doesn’t matter what kind of user you are, there exists a perfect Linux distro for you.

1. Best Linux Distro for Desktops and Powerful Laptops – Linux Mint, known to provide a near-to-perfect Linux desktop experience.

2. Best Linux Distro for Regular Laptop – Ubuntu MATE. Ubuntu comes with nine different flavours that have their own programs, features, and desktop environments.

3. Best Linux Distro for Older and Slow Hardware – Puppy Linux. It is ideal for the conditions where a compact distro due to older hardware and low computing resources.

4. Most Customizable Linux Distro – Arch Linux. It is a minimalistic Linux distro that allows your to start learning Linux from scratch. But, it is not recommended for the beginners as thereís a lot of command line work and manual configuration.

5. Most Beautiful Linux Distro – elementaryOS. The maker of this completely community-based OS are an expert in design and it is one of the prettiest Linux distributions you will come across.

6. Best Best Privacy-focused Linux Distro – Tails. It is a live operating system that you can boot on any computer from a USB stick, SD card, or DVD and used by the likes of Edward Snowden.

7. Best Linux for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing – Kali Linux. It is a special purpose Linux distro for pen testing and network security testing. With more than 600 tools, Kali Linux is designed to be used in a single, root user scenario due to security purposes.

8. Best Linux Distro For Servers – Debian. One of the longest running Linux distros, Debian, has served as a framework for many other distros like Mint and Ubuntu.

9. Best Linux Distro For IoT – Snappy Ubuntu Core. Focussing on Internet of Things application, Canonical released a Snappy version of Ubuntu Core OS for IoT.

10. Best Linux Distro For Video Editing and Multimedia Production – Ubuntu Studio. It fills an empty spot of a multimedia production-focused Linux distro. It comes with tools for recording, mixing, mastering, live processing, or even coding.

11. Best Linux Distro For Gaming – SteamOS. Honestly, there isn’t a Linux distro that is perfect for playing all kinds of game. With each passing day, more and more games are being officially released on Linux.

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  • hello sir. We know that Ubuntu is based on Debian / debian is the mother of ubuntu.

    but when I search all distro list of linux there isnt the name of (kali) in that Gnu list

    So can u plz tell me that is kali linux is based on linux/debian/ubuntu??

  • Would Kali be the best for someone in college for cyber defense?

  • I use both Ubuntu 20.04 lts and Linux mint 19.3 lts cinnamon and keep a windows pc just for emergencies.

  • Manjaro…

  • Which Linux version is best for vfx and animation softwares?

  • BruhBruh

    Author Reply

    Can you game on kali linux??


    Author Reply

    Killa kali is a state murdaa

  • Definitely kali linux hahayy

  • and windows 10 for everything

  • Kali linux is my goto

  • All in one windows 🙏🙏🤞

  • Manjaro <3

  • What to choose for CAD and modelling

  • Ubuntu

  • In Linux Distros, Red Hat flavours are the best !
    Thank You ! #FossBytes

  • Best kali linux?

  • Kali Linux

  • For me it's windows.
    I can't install another

  • M 32M 32

    Author Reply

    cmon guys we all linux users are a littlebit hackers =) choice KALI

  • puppy 😀

  • Ferroda os

  • I am learning coding now to become a developer can you tell which Linux operating system is best

  • Kali linux is the best forever

  • Like this if you are a Linux mint user

  • If I am interested about hacking, programming and gaming, what is the most suitable Linux's version for me?

  • Kali….

  • Which distro should I use if I want to code.


  • i am use kali linux is the best

  • Hey anyone can help me out, I am new to this operating system, actually not even having it. I have WIN 10, gonna change it ? I am looking for a Linux that can allow stuff like Visual Studio, Code Blocks, Unity and Unreal Engine programming and maybe allow multitasking without all those stuff like Microsoft has that slow down your pc. I want it to be easily customizable and I also want those ethical hacking features, just for learning purposes. Any recommendations ? Maybe a combination between artist and ethical hacking (learning, not something advanced). I believe they are all free.

  • Kali Linux team here😄

  • i am in touch with kali and steam os so which will better for me in which i can do both stuff ( i dont want dual booting dont have much storage)
    please help

  • Please make videos on kali linux

  • Black arch linux >> Any other disto Linux

  • ubuntu studio

  • MiR3KMiR3K

    Author Reply

    Is Manjaro okay for beginners?

  • Best Linux Distros for engineering students or for coding/programmers???
    Best Linux to support Wine for running Windows Apps???

  • WHERE iS MANJARO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bhai kali linux par video banao please☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • Kail for life

  • What is the difference between the Mint-Xfce distro, and the Puppy Linux distro?

  • I think Puppy Linux is what I need, because I have old, slow hardware, and can't afford to buy a new computer right now. I currently have a Dell laptop with a Windows Vista Business OS. If I somehow installed Puppy Linux, would I be able to use Skype? That is the main reason why I'm considering using a different OS, because I'm having trouble with Skype. I can't hear anybody when using Skype, even though when I go to my control panel, click on system and maintenance, click on device manager, click on sound video and game controllers, and click on anvsoft virtual sound device, it says, "This device is working properly." It says the same thing when I click on "high definition audio device:" "This device is working properly," but it clearly is not working properly! Otherwise, I would be able to hear what the heck people are saying on Skype! Thus, I'm feeling like I have to resort to getting a different operating system that is affordable to me. Will I be able to keep all of my files intact, even when I install Puppy Linux?

  • Can kali linux do internet things? Reply fast

  • Linux mint… for digging deep
    kali linux … for fun

  • I use Elementary os for regular use & Kali Linux in my VMware. But I think you should mention fedora as well.

  • I have old & slow PC I would go for Puppy Linux.

  • I am Kali linux

  • What's best for a 1 GB RAM Laptop?

  • Kali Linux

  • Thank you so much :*
    I have a question:
    what about web developing ?