Why Jose Mourinho's criticism of Tottenham's Tanguy Ndombele is a 'disgrace' | Premier League

ESPN FC’s Julien Laurens and Steve Nicol go in on Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho for his public criticism of midfielder Tanguy Ndombele after Spurs’ 1-1 …


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  • Ndombele is not the problem. He does have fitness problems but I have always thought Mourinho is a bad manager, with poor strategy, boring football. When will people see that he is really not good?

  • Dis guys on ESPN make me sick' i see nothing wrong with what Jose said bout Ndombele, its obvious dis sorry guys have some kinda agenda agaisnt Jose

  • You should show some clips. This is a click bait.

  • He cant run or he choses not to.Jose is spot on

  • Steve Nicola is a prat!
    He encourages bad behaviour in players but when they become like Pogba they criticise!Dumb punditry!

  • The odd time these ESPN clips pop up on my suggested. This guy, Shaka Hislop and Craig Burley. Jesus Christ I’d rather listen to someone down the pub.

  • Imagine not being able to criticize your own player! ESPN is a joke 😂

  • Jose is 100% right you either produce or you do not only the strong survive

  • Ndombele is a disgrace,.
    Who is that Jules guy..'cut him some slack' !! Idiot.
    Earning high wages and on a big transfer fee,
    Cut his wages to his performance level…then see if his performance level increases.
    Steve Nichol…what would he be saying if this guy performed like he is for Liverpool?

  • typical Mourinho he done it at every club he been always blaming players when things goes wrong and he always target the quieter one he done it with Martial at United

  • We've heard these SAME guys say some players respond better to public criticism because they then have something to prove, so they understand when some managers do it; but not Mourinho because if he defends them, he's captain deflecto. If he criticizes them, it's a disgrace.

  • Always the same with Mourinho. If you can at least see the boy has talent, why not try your best to bring out that talent rather than slate him for his work ethic. I'm not saying Spurs should carry the player but Mourinho always does this. As a Manchester United fan, I saw him more concerned with berating Anthony Martial for what he wasn't doing going backwards rather than praising and encouraging his attaching intent. He wants seasoned pros who can take things on the chin, times have long since changed.

  • Is that bloke stoned

  • The Jose Mourinho haters channel, never seen none of the arsewipes on this channel praising Mourinho.

  • This french dude, besides not knowing what he’s talking about, he doesn’t even know what is talking about :)). A lot of Mouhrino haters in there.

  • By the end of next season, Jose will be toxic to Spurs as he was to United.

  • Just because its a harder league, it doesn't mean that you can't even sprint

  • Ndombele is a club legend better defender than king and better attacker than bale

  • In his first spell at Chelsea and his time at Inter Milan, the players who were established first choices were upset when he left. But Mourinho has never had a problem shaming one of his players. There was more than one occasion during that first time at Chelsea, he substituted a player off in the first 15minutes.
    Mourinho is an overrated manager and the more time goes on the more it shows. His early success with Porto led him to announcing himself as the "special one". Then he started playing 'fantasy football' with 'Chelski'. Won two league titles while Man Utd were in a transitional phase until Ronaldo and Rooney came of age. Chelsea failed to win the Premiership in his third season and he was unable to rise to the challenge of getting it back – sacked early in his fourth season.
    Ok, his time with Inter Milan was very successful. However Inter were already dominating Italian football and the job only became available because Mancini took the new 'fantasy football' job at Man City.
    Mourinho isn't adaptable. He needs a group of ready made champions in order to win titles. He'll never develop a young group of talented players into a great team. He requires a position where everything is already good. A good squad assembled before he starts. Ok he can win titles. But the best managers are thought of so highly for getting the balance right when squads are in transitional periods. With Mourinho it's either all good or it's a disaster. He's the last manager in the world to turn around a bad situation. Why Spurs thought he was the answer for them, we'll never know. It makes no sense.

  • So him being 23 years old (which ain't even young) is an excuse to be lazy when you're getting paid 200k a week? This guy is making zero sense

  • Cut him slack….the money he makes and the pure basics of fitness he doesn’t have 🤧

  • Mo did the same at United to Pogba, Miki, Shaw, Fred, Martial, etc. He's a complete disgrace and I'm sorry Tottenham is dealing with him now.

  • Max GMax G

    Author Reply

    Jose is losing his hair fast.

    And were do he get these players from and cant even Coach them .

  • Imagine if Mourinho actually did "hang a player out to dry" think Steve Nicols head would burst. Seriously Espn pundits need to look at Carraghers breakdown of it on SKy sports, he actually shows Jose points and proves he's right.

  • 64 million and unable to play …90 mins…….is the disgrace

  • another idiot

  • Look at Ndombele's work rate and stats , disgraceful for a box to box midfielder that cost 60m

  • Shout up what do you know about football or do you thing that football is all about talking. Mourinho hasn’t say anything bad

  • Jose has used this trick before. Every time he’s not doing well, he blames someone else. He did this at Real Madrid, United, he even blamed a female doctor at Chelsea for a loss. It’s never his failure. Fact is Jose is not the same manager he once was. He was already going down when he left R. Madrid. He was fired in all his jobs after that. He’s struggling now, playing methods change all the time and he’s not coping currently. I can smell trouble already at Hotspurs, he also can smell it, that’s why he’s scrambling for excuses. How long is he gonna keep blaming one man for the team’s poor results? And why does he keep picking that same guy?

  • He did the same thing with martial but never Criticize lukaku

  • José hate black player……he has been destroying Pogba not long ago.

  • Considering the players that Mourinho has been taunting, and the robber that he's been mocking, Ndombele is a lot less criticized than his own fault. To the point where it seems that Mourinho is older and more patient.

  • Garbage analysis compared to sky. Unsub

  • A CA C

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    He is lazy as sin .. Mourinho is right.

  • Why should managers always have to protect players and wrap them in cotton wool? How do they know he has not had plenty of “ private chats” with him? About time players take responsibilities for their own attitude I say.

  • Jose is right. Remember je criticised Pogba and was right also.