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Why Pop OS Is PERFECT For Linux Gaming

Gaming PCs under $1000:

New to Linux? Pop OS is the easiest path to gaming joy. This video shows you how fast + simple it is to install Steam, Wine, Lutris and GameHub. And nope, not all Ubuntu-based Linux distributions are created equal. That’s exactly why I’m following up my elementary OS gaming video with this one!

This video was created with OBS Studio and Lightworks Pro on Pop OS 18.04.


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  • Hey everyone! I'm still learning the video editing realm, but I keep high standards when it comes to my audio quality, and this video was much quieter than it should have been. Apologies for the lower audio levels. I'll make the next one better!

  • How do you remember commands? Is there a reference you can keep?

  • Everything is good but i hav uge screen tearing

  • fhd21fhd21

    Author Reply

    Excellent video. Thanks

  • Wow you certainly have been talking up pop os. It's interesting maybe good. Not certain it's great. Might need a mini server or a laptop.

    Do they have a server version of pop?

  • It's a nice looking and clean distro, but on my Dell 1440p the fonts are blurry and pixelated.

  • When i try to boot pop os from live usb,My screen turns black after some text then nothing happens help pls…

  • thats good, does it run cracked games ?

  • i need a single answer to pull the trigger: does uplay works?

  • no need for windows at this point. foss all the way!

  • You want to impress me show me how to get the bloody audio working 🙁

  • This what drives me mental with these Linux distros. They keep separating each other! Theres Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Zorin, PopOs the list goes on and on. While Microsoft you never hear of their devs jumping to another fork of Windows over and over, they unified under one FULLY fleshed out OS, is it a bad OS of course! But because of management and the lobbyists.

    Microsoft must be laughing their ass off so damn hard, Linux is NEVER going to be a competing OS as long as all the brilliant devs are scattering like roaches all over the place. Why cant Linux devs grow balls and all unify come up with one hell of a complete system from start to finish, every feature ironed out, all the compatibility, all the ease of use, just double click to run and install any program any game any office tool you want and not have to spend hours digging in the forums proper command for this, proper setting for that. One fully finished out OS that leaves Windows to shame, now THAT I would easily drop $500K for advertising on their doorstep. But why in the bloody hell I would invest a single cent on an uncertain baby-phase software that each time keeps dividing over and over as they scatter more and more over different forks.

    Not a single Linux can compete with Windows, Linux has existed for ages! AGES!! And still works on training wheels. SO pathetic. Each time theres a new fork of Linux is just back to baby steps on a new fork, back to square one, dividing the helpful Linux community people willing to help if there was 10000 in a forum with Ubuntu now theres 5000 on Ubuntu and whatever the next fork is. And so on, keep splitting the community, a forum for Mint, forum for Zorin, for Arch, for PopOS you'll quickly find out that there is just a total of 25 people that can help you on PopOs rather than tens of thousands if they all unified. Every Linux dev is just updating their OS wasting hundreds of hours just to keep up with obsolete. You know what that is? They update to be obsolete. They keep up with old?

  • Good video, thank you for sharing

  • Will games run smoother on pop os than windows?
    My PC is a few years old, 4gb ram ,Intel i3 4th gen.

  • Nice video. I found out that gnome takes too much resources and slows down games by 15%. I use instead Xubuntu and everything runs much smoother. I also tried Manjaro but some games had wierd glitches that in xubuntu were not present.

  • Ubuntu was my first taste of Linux. It was so much faster than Vista and it played a few games quite well. Open-sourced Morrowind ran so well on my older machine because of Linux. I believe the machine I used had a 9500 gt with an Intel Duo core. Super old specs and Linux was able to revive that old system. Some games that had to go through wine was a bit of a turn off. I now have a newer system that has a Ryzen 7 2700x with a GTX 1070 and I may give Linux another try as I'm on Windows 10 in this newer system. The only things that are stopping me is not being able to play Windows games very well and that Nvidia cards seem to have less performance on Linux systems from what I've heard. Also, I'd like to play Cyberpunk 2077 on release day as well so I don't know if switching over to Linux is a great idea as I just want to play games. Microsoft invading privacy W10's bluescreens do make it tempting to switch though.

    Edit: Grammar

  • Awesome video! I think its time I finally make the switch and be done with windows for the most part

  • Ive been pulling my hair out trying to get these programs installed on ubuntu and then I see this shit. Thanks for helping out

  • I installed Pop! OS as a dual boot with Windows on a separate drive. I was particularly intrigued with the promise of a Linux-distro that was supposed to "work out of the box", as it was said by many. This wasn't the case for me. I used the Nvidia iso, since I have a GTX590, which also is a card with two GTX580 chips in one card as SLI. It didn't seem that Pop OS liked that. After fresh install, it booted into such a low resolution, I could barely see what I was doing on there. Tried to set the resolution higher, but the only option was 640×480. I tried to set it up for SLI and update the drivers for my GPU, but after two days of fiddling and going through forums and websites for clues and answers, most of them which I couldn't understand half of what was being explained, I finally had enough and gave up. I went over to Manjaro, which Ironically is said to be for more advanced users, and Pop! OS is said to be for more inexperienced users like myself. I've so far had much more luck in setting up my computer with SLI and getting my drivers to work in Manjaro. It wasn't easy, and it took a lot of fiddling too, but at least I could notice progress every time I tried something new. Now I finally have Manjaro up and running with correct display drivers and in SLI. With Pop! it was just no progress, everything I tried was like banging my head against the wall. One thing I unfortunately has realized with Pop! OS and Linux in general, is that there is no such thing as "working straight out of the box". If it does for you, then you're either one of the lucky ones, or you just haven't started to actually try and set anything up in your OS yet. When it works, Linux can be great, like you're dancing a beautiful dance. But the dancefloor is a minefield, surrounded by a river of hungry crocodiles, surrounded by a forrest of poisonous snakes.

  • Love your viedo man
    NIce info on Linux gaming

  • "before you go, I want to tell you about one more thing, and that's called (mumble.)" ಠ_ಠ

  • So here's the real question for gaming on linux for beginners then: Pop OS, Salient OS, or Manjaro? Where should I point people?

  • I noticed when I installed popos, there was the nividia driver 435 but there is also an nvidia driver 440 labaled as open source. Does anyone know what that's about?

  • I'm gonna install Pop_OS right away!

  • mordzmordz

    Author Reply

    Bro, your eyes and facial hair somewhat resembles the infamous Darksydephil 😂

  • Good work:)

  • Hi there,

    I have been trying to ditch the windows partition, as all the games I want to play currently can be played in theory on Linux. I am using a beevercreek radeon card and this has caused all sorts of problems under mint. I have tried serveral workarounds including blacklisting the kernal, to no avail. Vulkan and beevercreek just aint compatible.

    Would Pop-OS solve all of this?

  • I own all of my games on GOG. Can I play on Linux too with proton or is it only on steam?

    EDIT: Finished watching the video and saw GOG mentioned. Hopefully, it works well.

  • Can you easily play retro games on this that require ROMs?

  • So we are judging a distro by how good it can emulate windows bloat?

  • There is some way tô use proton on nom steam games?

  • FelixFelix

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    I use Pop!_OS for an Plex Media Server and Pi Hole, I installed it and everything just works

  • The big question for is pop_os or zorin os… Please give me your thoughts.

  • I want a PopOS KDE edition. :/ I don't like to install DE's by myself.

  • Anything based on Ubuntu is garbage. End of story. Ubuntu is unstable, so anything based on it is also unstable. Run a DEBIAN based OS or Debian directly. Ubuntu maintainers are clueless, always have been, their packages are damaged, improperly maintained, or outright system destroying. Garbage. Do not use this. This post is from someone very successfully running nearly their entire Steam library on Debian 10, for about 4 months now. I think I'm up to about 5 games not working out of about 200. Not every game works, but the OS itself is rock solid.

  • Never heard of game hub. Thx man 🙂