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WiFi card not detected on Kali Linux(Solved)

Compact Wireless Driver:-

Wired Connection is required….

cd path-change directory
ls-list all the directory and folder
tar -jxf (filename)-for extracting the file
make unload
make load

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  • The link is not working

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  • thanks for it, but link is not connecting to server is there is any another way?

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  • but how can you connect to the internet if you have none on kali? ice weasel? hm……. somethings missing

  • does someone know why THAT EXACT file is the one we have to download and not any other?

  • Ryan bro

  • https://yadi.sk/d/y8azooN8taKY-w
    Download compat-wireless 2010-10-26-p ✓

  • Sir mera dell 3542 not working my Bluetooth and wife

  • for those doest work well after you type (make unload)….try to type (make load )and its will works perfect

  • /bin/sh cannot create and ./.cache.mk permission denied

  • gl lggl lg

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    تحياتي واحترامي لك يااستاذ

  • Thank you very much because i have problem with Kali Linux in virtual box and i didnt have wifi

  • I have Wi-fi on my regular computer so why won't virtual box pick up any wifi. I can access the internet from virtual box but it is considered wired connection and no other wifi networks will show up. Please advise

  • thank you 🙂

  • the link is not working

  • спасибо все работает думал что конец вот где дрова взять https://github.com/hunghtbk/compat-wireless-2.6-2010-10

  • It still says no such file or directory after I type airmon-ng what do I need to do to fix the problem? Thank you

  • airodump'ng (m iadapter) and i don't recognize any network is looking why???

  • link is broken

  • You are superb man I always admire knowledge people's

  • NOt working….Fake

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    Not able to select wifi

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  • can you send me your cont: number / another for something knowledge about this video please dear ?

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  • ye shirf ak driver hi hai jo sirf wifi list hi dikhaaga…. monitor mod start nahi hoga or nahi dusre network ke sath connect hoga 👍👍

  • Thnks buddy

  • how can i download this driver when it can't find wifi card

  • http://www.mediafire.com/file/5vh3s7v4533wm83/compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar.bz2

  • thanks beoo but kink change

  • sent me link for download compat wireless

  • But if I don't have wifi, how can I go on the internet

  • You are the man. Thank you so much!

  • Any one can upload this file on Google drive or another site because link is not working

  • The link is off ;-;

  • Working. Thanks..