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Windows 10 Bash & Linux Subsystem Setup

In this video we will setup the Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu and bash terminal on Windows 10. This will allow us to use Unix based tools from within Windows. We will also integrate with VScode and the Hyper terminal.

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  • Thanks man 👍, it really really helped me and hope it also help others….!

  • how to execute the bash command from jenkins for WSL ,i am facing an issue like 'bash' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    Can someone help on this?

  • What's the difference between using this method and super putty?

  • 2:40 who else thought that there pc is going to restart.

  • Your the best brother thank you

  • 06:22 Straight down is pretty much obvious on Linux Terminal, just make sure to get the exact case right (Case-Sensitive). Also, for terms with spaces, especially with directories…quotation marks may be required (also works in CMD and PowerShell).


  • Thanks, came in here to get something and you gave it straight with no gibberish.

  • Thank you. I couldn't figure out where to go from the home folder.

  • Way to break it down. Well done!! I might even have a serious go at using linux now 🙂 Not a time waster like many youtubers.

  • sudo…. sudo … psuedo… It's not pseudo.. sudo is an abbreviation for Super User Do. It's pronounced "soodoo"

  • how can i install it elsewhere? except C drive

  • 376 mb/s ?? What's your bandwidth ? Thanks for the video

  • Thank you a lot, I was looking for the answer for 3 hours till I've found your clip. <3

  • bash does not open for me. SAD :<

  • There is an extension in VS code editor called Remote WSL. Using that can we develop programs inside the WSL?

  • I have 2 Hard Drives, C (the one with windows) and D, when I do "sudo apt install stuff" where is "stuff" installed? How can I change the installation location?

  • when i try to open a file using nano, i can't scroll inside it, this happens when using windows, do u have any fixes on that ?

  • HELP PLEASE! When I wrote the command cd Users, then I don't find my new user, for example in your case "brad", I don't find my linux user called "paula"

  • I put two D's in there 😂😂😂😂 7:40

  • Actually, you can use VSCode installed on Windows and edit files from the Linux distro without issues, you can start VSCode from the project's directory using 'code .' and you're ready to code.

  • Hi is it possible to use Network Simulator using bash in Windows which is mainly for Linux? If it is possible then what tools do I need to install in Ubuntu. Please help me out if anyone has any idea regarding this.

  • It stays on “installing, this may take a few minutes”

  • i have forgot the password of my ubuntu software what do i do now

  • Thank you sooo much!! Watched several videos and 2 hours passed and no one was able to help thank you!

  • Thank you Brad!

  • Will you be doing something for the intermediate and advanced people that are watching your videos 😄 I love your videos and I would love it if you did sometimes advanced topics and intermediate topics like this one 😄

  • I wish you would of explained it more in this regards. As a new person to command line I am having a hard time figuring out the difference between git bash, powershell, cygwin, ubuntu (from market place) etc. I am mainly using this for web developement and managing files.

  • thank you bro!!

  • From which coutry you are

  • Great Video

  • An close source Linux it's laugh :))

  • Just a question i got, why use the ubuntu terminal when "bash" exists ?
    Is there any advantage of that or its the same ?
    I noticed that my "bash" uses kali repository to update.
    so i guess the kali linux terminal is just the same as the "bash" one ?

    And i got a little problem, i am trying to mount my wifi,or atleast make it available on my bash or kali term.
    but i can not unload my wireless driver pack because /proc/modules does not exist.

    I tried making the folder myself, but there is no way it will let me.
    Tells me i got no permission.

    I tried the Chown and chmod commands, still not giving me permission to create "modules" folder..

    Please help me!

    And thank you for your awesome Videos, you explain it well and show every step.

    Very gratefull!

    Many kind regards.

  • i cannot fix the no extention found when using command iwconfig can anyone help me?

  • Excellent information. Coders remember that you can use a VS code extension called WSL to use Ubuntu Bash and working under the parameters Linux.

  • Very nicely explained

  • Other thing.., I'd like to ask for help, if you can, about installing Linux on dual boot. I'm very used doing this in normal systems and in all my former computers. But I've purchased a new Lenovo P-72 ( Xeon ) with Windows 10 Pro for workstation with UEFI. I did install Debian 10 successfully but it just does not even appear on boot, it goes directly to windows. I really don't know the "trick". I've asked the same for many people and channels with no response. So.., if you can I'd appreciate. Thank you !

  • Excellent video, very straight forward, I've finally got it installed and working. Thank you very much !

  • How can i run an Windows Application over the Terminal ?
    Like i am trying to use "$ proxychains firefox" but Firefox is not found. How can i let him know where my Windows Firefox is located in ?

  • The 'bash' program opens and immediately closes for me. Help?

  • You have no idea how helpful you were

  • VMware is heavy

  • It's nice but I'd rather just use a Linux box for it.

  • Cool video, thanks Brad.

  • I recently installed Ubuntu subsystem for Linux on Windows 10, but once I updated Windows and its drivers my computer started slowing down and eventually Windows could not even boot. Anyone know what is causing this problem? Thanks.

  • Hello, can I install GUI Linux App? or only CLI app?

  • Thx so much. I am just trying to compare pros and cons of macOS vs Windows/Linux for Devs and with this video you opened my eyes. Until I saw this video i thought macOS could be better because of the Terminal. But if this is also possible to configure under Win10 I don't see pros of macOS besides UX (if you like macOS) or if you develope for the Apple ecosystem – what I won't. 🙂