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Windows command line networking: route

This is a video on two common uses of the command route. Route allows you to see your computers routing table. That’s the table that your computer uses to decide if information on the network is addressed to it. The route command can also help your computer decide how to route packets when there are two directions that it can go to connect to other networks.

commands used

route print

route add mask

route delete mask

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  • My only question about the video would be, According to the topology that you show on the video, does the computer has 2 NIC ? thats why you are specifying the default gateway on the computer right? I think it would be good to clarify that you are referring to outgoing packets and not incoming traffic.

  • Dear Sir,

    I have the same scenario, one network is ( and second is ( and I add route = route add " mask" and it's not working, please advice please its urgent

  • Why ?

  • sir I want to connect my WS with two network
    1) WAN
    2) MAN e.g., 172.16.11.x /24 …. MAN networks 172.16.xx.xx
    both has gateway. one gateway is for MAN network and other for internet.
    how to configure to work both at a time ?
    i want to route private IPs to MAN and public IPs to WAN ?

  • This is so wrong explanation. The direction of the network packets move is wrong and it changes everything. The route table is for outgoing traffic, not incoming. 'On-link' does not mean 'listen on this NIC' but it means – send this packet through this NIC because the destination host is in the network connected (linked) to this NIC. And probably is on the same subnet so it does not need middleman device such a router (the gateway to another network/subnet).

    Best explanation what I found is:

    Also, I encourage you to read part 1 and 3 to find out more.

    And Chris Walker, please update your video or take it down to stop wasting our time. :/

  • Thank you that helps a lot

  • what does it mean if it receives it on the loopback address ?

  • I uninstalled lots of stuff coz I'm selling it a day now I can't get on the Internet with it please help me..

  • Help!!!! I'm in a pickle.. I can't even find my ip address or anything.. I have a Samsung notebook windows 7 starter and I can't get on the Internet what am I doing wrong??

  • Can u – Send Me your response VIA Email PLEASE.

  • Hi. How Can I use "CMD" 2 Get Web traffic?

  • Great video. Thanks

  • great video!thanx

  • Good video because it almost helped me completely. I just wish someone would take a "beginner's" approach to it and use as little network terminology as they can unless they are going to explain the terminology in "another" video. Anyway, a good beginner's vid on network routing would be something like, "You sent a packet to www.google.com. This is the packet's path…" Then you show how it compares the destination ip to the routing table and hops before it leaves the gateway. That would be great because NO ONE does it.

  • If I were to pay you for this lessons I would owed you some $$$ thanks for you altruism, God Bless!

  • What about if you don't do route delete (when you decide not to link two routers)? Does it slow down the bandwidth?

  • Your video is good but you should clarify the direction of packets. For example, you start by saying at 1:03: "So if my computer sees a packet addressed for it knows it should listen to it " and then you say "Well, this ( is actually where it is received"

  • Do you know what should be the route print command to provide internet to clients W7 computers using a 2003 NAT sever, two routers, connected to a PHCP 2008 server? Any tutorial on that?

    1- NAT 2003 with 2 NIC cards one connected to the private network and one to the internet.

    2-DHCP server with 2 NIC card one connected to the private network

    3- Two Routers with 2 NIC cards connected to the private network and between 3 segments

    4-Win 7 are connected the private network but no internet.

  • hi sir can you upload your all video to me ?, you have good stuff ,
    and send me a link plz,

  • check the video description

  • what is your website?

  • I don't really have a start point. I only started this as a hobby then turned it into something bigger. You could try to go to my website and try the categories there. I hope to be a lot more organized with Windows 8 and Server 2012, but for far to long, the videos have consisted of whatever I am playing with at the time. I wish I had a better answer, but I don't have a "first video"

  • Hi there! thanks for the videos, they're absolutely fantastic! I was just wondering what is your first video so that I can start my tutorial from the first initial point

  • route add mask через vpn не идет во вторую сетку.

  • Thanks for the video.

  • great videos mate, keep them coming

  • @fronteradalen The adress of the program(Virtual PC in this case)*