Lập Trình Linux

Windows to Linux | The First Linux Install | Pop OS

In this video, I go over switching from Windows to Linux. I give you a background about the switch and what to expect. Afterwards, we do a brief first Linux install using Pop OS.

Below are referenced in the video:
1. Preparation – Check Compatibility (Lutris.net and protondb.com)
2. Differences – Installing Programs, Versatility, File System, Security, Performance, Compatibility.
3. USB Drive Creation – etcher.io – Pop OS Download –
4. Install!

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  • Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc7fktTRMBoz7n-ugZm2Ndi0np_Y4Hh1k

  • I'm having a doubt
    Should I take the back up before installing pop os?

  • "Pop, pop!"

  • will i lost my file after this installation?

  • Will be window also on my machine

  • I downloaded pop os.. but it says winrar file not iso

  • You deserve way more subscribers than you have dude. You're amazing and so helpful and nobody can differ that statement. Keep up the good work (:

  • Blur video

  • Open office is freeware as well

  • Keep having an issue when rebooting to POP OS. 'has invalid signature', and 'you need to load the kernal first' keeps coming up. Can anyone help?

  • My issues with Linux are many. I installed Linux 2 days ago:
    1 – to use my one drive account I have to pay money to Insyc (29 usd).

    2 – to use office 365 I have to pay 499 usd to CrossOver

    3 – my fingerprints reader (dell XPS 7590) does not work.

  • If i don't download the LTS will i still get updates ?

  • 90% of pc are locked into windows . and thouse you cant load another os onto

  • You should make a tutorial on how to create web apps with Ice. I did it and now mi Microsoft office suite feels a bit more native especially with Chromium as a backend because there won't be the website bar.

  • Could I use a external hard drive instead of an usb?

  • VickyVicky

    Author Reply

    Is it require to disable secure boot in windows?????? While switching from windows 10 pro to kali linux……

  • actual install starts at 4:58

  • it worked( booting/ installing Linux) BUT I can't use my USB device afterwards. can someone help me out there??

  • thank you for the videos you make. i just three months ago switches out of windows and was so frustrated at windows updates crashing my system so i switched. tried using so many os but i am now using pop os with kde. i did 5 of your videos to tweed pop os both installing kde and setting it up for gaming. great job and thank you.

  • Hey i got a problem running kali linux on my acer nitro 5 laptop. It just get freeze on the log screen. I've found there’s a driver issue. I'v solved the problem with other linux distros like mint and ubuntu but couldn’t find anyway to solve in kali linux. Can you help!?

  • I had linux in 2007. I am not a gamer.

  • I had Linux in 2007, but strokes made me forget but now I would like to simplest Linux & how to set it up…please

  • I am not a gamer. I wanted to have the simplest Linux and how to set up – please.

  • I was told there was an error- I waited and you came on.

  • im downloading linux so that i can jailbreak ios 1.13.1

  • There is a “live session user” that shows up asking for a password and I’ve tried Ubuntu like people said but it’s not working

  • I currently have Windows 10 and would like to install Linux Mint on a different HDD. Do I have to disconnect my Windows 10 HDD in order to install Linux Mint on a new HDD or is there a way to install Linux on the other drive after booting up from the Linux USB. Thanks, Ray

  • I have a slow labtop with windows 10 I need this

  • Could u still install it without a usb

  • Can i dual boot with my windows 10?

  • Hello there, I'm trying to connect that insite, after I went to etcber site, I can't see where the download tap is at….. Do you know there that tab?

  • Very useful information no doubt, but I kind of want to do it a little differently, and am not sure how this will all apply. Simply put, I do not want to wipe Windows off of my laptop entirely; in fact, I would prefer to leave it intact for now if possible. Instead, I have a 1000 GB external HDD, and I would like to install Linux onto that and boot from it directly. That way I plug it in, boot up Linux from the external drive, and once done, I shut down, remove the external drive, and the laptop can boot Windows normally.

    I have been told it is possible, but I am not super tech savvy. I worry because I do not know how to make sure I can boot Linux from the external drive directly, instead of just using it as a booter to install Linux onto the laptop itself. I am sure I am misunderstanding it all on a fundamental level somehow, but some advice would be appreciated.

  • a ba b

    Author Reply

    x 1.25

  • Wait can I use an SD card instead of a usb?

  • This is not working for me the problem is the pop up it is not downloading as a image can someone help me

  • I followed all the steps, and now get "The selected boot device failed. Press <enter> to continue". Then shuts down. If the USB is plugged in, it just tries to install pop again. Any solutions?

  • @chris I keep getting a security patch error and won't let me finish installing it

  • I had everything good but accidentally unplugged my usb and got an error message and now when I try and boot it I get gnu grub and idk what that is

  • Imma use mint

  • I hate it when someone says "Links in the description," and doesn't actually put links in description… major inconvenience, guys

  • this does not work , tried this tonight , now wont boot , yeah videos

  • hello I have a old laptop dell E 5410 8g ram and I will use it only to prograam my rc plaines with open tx or frsky do you tink that linux it's better then win 10 ? btw nice video

  • What if it laptop doesn't have a graphics card

  • I'm 64 and self-taught in Microsoft since about dos 5. I tried to learn RedHat 3 years ago but there just wasn't any tutorial help. I am leaving Windows for the same reasons Chris has stated.
    Simply following along with this playlist I now have a PoP os installed on an 11-year-old hand-built machine with 4 Gb ram and a dual-core Athlon 64 running at 2.07 Gb/sec. You have some good teaching skills, Chris! Thanks.