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WinRAR And The Infinite 40-Day Trial

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In 1993 the world was introduced to Roshal Archive, or RAR – a proprietary archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning. It was developed by Russian software engineer, Eugene Lazarevich Roshal, but the copyright for the file format is held by his brother Alexander.

Two years later, we got WinRAR – a file archiver utility for Windows, which would be used to create and view archives in RAR or ZIP file formats, and also unpack a whole bunch of other archive file formats.

WinRAR is distributed as a ”try before you buy” software. According to the terms of use, you can use it for free during a 40 day trial period, after which you are required to buy a license.

However, if you ever used WinRAR, you know that you can continue using it for free even after the 40 day trial period ends.

Quick disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video!

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  • Thanks CHM Tech for explaining our business model in such an amusing and educational way! And of course thanks for purchasing the only license we ever sold, we are still celebrating it 😉

  • I have to hand it to them. That's a great business model, and dare I say one of the most "fair" there is. The big businesses will buy licenses because they have to maintain certain legalities; the home user would most likely never run in to a situation where not buying the license is noticed by or given any importance from any regulatory agency, so it would be asinine to put a hard stop once day 40 is over. So really, everyone wins. The businesses can afford numerous licenses, the devs make their profit and the private home user still gets to benefit. That seems pretty cool to me.

  • me at age 12:
    oh fuuuuu…..
    Lets look into free software
    downloads 7-zip
    me at the begining of my computer science lessons in High School:
    Whait what? WinRAR is free?
    I feel so dumb at my past self XDD

  • That nag msg has annoyed me for decades.

  • My boi Eugene lookin more like Shia

  • I have 7zip

  • It’s a bold strategy cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

  • Just use 7zip instead of WinRAR/WinZIP it's just better and btw. it's completely free
    would be dump to keep using WinRAR/WinZIP
    I made the switch already 5 years ago and still this was in my yt recommended xD

  • just use 7zip its faster easier to use and free forever with no popups

  • another way their company saves money is no backpacks only belts. they're winzip + .rar extractors, in one prog, but now with the .7z?

  • If you only use WinRar through the right click options, then you will never see the buy reminder (I had used it for years, and had completely forgotten it wasn't actually FreeWare; now use 7Zip, but it is an interesting way of getting around the pop up window)

  • Normal devs : OUR PROGRAM IS PAYING, SO THEY'LL PAY *strike cracks and hacks*
    Winrar's devs : lmao you can crack it, we don't care bruh xddddd

  • WinRAR and 7-Zip… umm…
    I have them both

  • Him : I am the wealthiest person
    Me : I buy youtube premium and win rar license
    Him : you are clearly wealthy

  • I want to buy it, thanks. 😉

  • Nice books

  • beliqbeliq

    Author Reply

    The music that starts at 0:31 please. I will love u forever.

  • I installed winrar on my PC 2 years ago… it was supposed to expire 1 week after I installed it.

  • been using WinRAR for 5 years now

  • thank u. Now i choose 7zip over winrar cuz i want my pc annoyware-free

  • Jokes on those idiots I’ve gone my whole life with ads I don’t care about ads I won’t buy it I just ignore it

  • Windows 10 has a similar model.
    They let everyone upgrade for free and they make money off volume licenses and OEM sales.

  • winrar keeps telling me that my trial is over but never does anything about it. i just tell them to fuck off

  • "slightly modified meme" no, einstein wasn't memeing. stop using that word for everything.

  • Where's my 7-zip gang at?

  • Just search Google for "rarreg.key"

  • Albert Einstein said "Three Things Are Infinite: the Universe, Human Stupidity And WinRar 40-Day Trial".

  • i like winrar . but i love 7zip . they're doing great work for a free software. especially the new 7z compression method. that rivals rar5

  • i've always pirated it

  • This is exactly like playing a game's Demo, but actually just continuing the full game every time you open it, because you had to close it because of the "20 minute Demo" 😀

  • I didn't knew WinRAR Logo existed in Real Life! I love how you're showing it!

  • NX4DNX4D

    Author Reply

    I don't know why this video is hunting me.

  • It's not infinite, it's just our time is slow compared to WinRAR CEO.

  • Do you give WinRAR away for free?
    WinRAR : Yes,I don't.

  • I remember mIRC being this cool. Until they decided to be super lame suddenly.

  • This reminder is annoing, that's why I'm using pirate version of WinRar

  • I cracked the message away. it anoyed me after years.

  • The only trial that is actually free

  • 0:45 why does he look like a combination of all of The Beatles????

  • Nas brat iz Mostara! 😀

  • the only reason ppl use winrar is because they don't know 7zip exists

  • Ad ware is worse I don't care about games or hot lady's in my area FUCK OFF

  • While this seems like they are just letting people have their software for free, when you think of it another way, this is free software that’s constantly pushing you to upgrade to the better version, and people who wouldn’t know better would purchase it not knowing they don’t need it.

  • 7-zip is totally free and was made by russian dude.

  • "ewgini"… no hard feelings but it is pronounced youjeen

  • when I'm middle school I used pirate winrar until college, now I can make money myself and want to purchase winrar license but 7zip is too good for me

  • "The developers could easily prevent you from using their software after the 40 days trial"
    Reverse engineers: "Well yes, but actually no"

  • I didnt know that Turks invented it. I kinda feel proud now.