WWE: "The Game" (Triple H) Theme Song + AE (Arena Effects)

WWE: “The Game” (Triple H) Theme Song + AE (Arena Effects)
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  • The Game, Tripleeee H!

  • Don't lie. We all pretended to spit out water during this when we were a kid.

  • T. R. I. P. L. E. H. the. game

  • That damn mustache 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Best part 0:00 / 3:37

    -Triple H from his infamous return in 2002 after 8 months of being sidelined with his quad injury.

  • Happy 25 years Triple H

  • 0:07 me when I get home from school and grab my Xbox controller


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  • The Game TRIPLEH 14
    The Travis Vang 7 Championship
    The hulk Hogan 6 Championship
    The Stone Cold 6 Championship
    The Rock Johnson 7 Championship

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  • Triple H is been my favorite since attitude era. he is one of the best heel i ever seen.

  • 3:37 ❤️❤️

  • Triple H had the best entrance in the WWE

  • game start

  • GAME plays.

  • 0:30

  • Hi Migo Triple H

  • 0:07 skip the shit intro

  • 0:07

  • The Game TRIPLEH 14

  • 0:07 0:14 0:19 0:23 0:38 0:52
    0:07 0:14 0:19 0:23 0:38 0:52

  • 0:07

  • 1:26 the best part

  • Revenge of Owen Hart jobbing to Triple H and mcmahons attitude cause he was spat on and punched by BRET HART and Brets accolaids foillowing 205 2006 actually BENOIT did this WMxx WRESTLEMANIA TWENTY XX CHRIS BENOIT beat triple h hhh and shawn michaels they both tapped out he lost his world heavyweight title I did not CBenoiut i did not murder them i m still alive Dominkc.

  • 0:06

  • I remember the choreography to the entrance so fucking well lmao

  • 0:30

  • I like "My Time " and My Time instrumentals but this song I defenitly can see triple h and Stephanie walking out to this

  • Js 17Js 17

    Author Reply

    I guarantee I will get a response from Johnny Torres cos he’s Someone she responds stupid messages and he can also suck it

  • What’s your intro theme song?

  • 0:29

  • Motörhead 🤘

  • the NXT team revealing its fifth member in the survivor series
    * the song sounds *

  • What is the beginning intro called?

  • He is real GAME, wwe run this man only this man no doubt he is THE GAME

  • you are a bad liar if you say
    you havent the water spit at least once

  • William Grantham WrestleMania 36 & Giant Gold William Grantham Statue

  • “JR here with Jerry “The King” Lawler on Monday Night Raw and It is TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!!!” -Jim Ross

  • What is the intro song? Can someone tell me please?

  • Best entrance in wrestling. No contest

  • Made a game, this will be the theme

  • 1:15 ese solo de guitarra uff ❤️❤️🔥🔥

  • 1 2 is this on!?
    Yo Jimmy Hit me With that Triple H