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XFCE vs MATE vs KDE , Linux Vidcast with Rocco & Rob

In this video Rocco from the ( BigDaddy YouTube Channel)and I discuss three different Linux desktops while video rolls showing all three of the Linux desktop environments. ( XFCE-MATE-KDE)

BigDaddy YouTube Channel:


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  • Actual content starts 4:00.

  • "You have an update that literally takes an hour"

    I'm glad I wasn't the only person who was so upset about this on Windows 10 that they switched to Linux lol. I wonder how many people Windows 10 alone pushed away.

  • Been a distro hopper for a very long time. Whenever I've installed KDE on ma PC. Never ever needed to look back. KDE neon can be explored a lot. Don't try other forms of KDE. Try pure neon. It has a lot more to offer.

  • Are you two going to get to it.

  • I have a thinkpad t420 since 2009 running xubuntu KDE desktop, works like a charm and outperforms the latest imac or windows. NOTE this is a 10 year old laptop. LINUX ALL DAY!

  • Mate is a Spanish word and you pronounced it nearly perfect

  • Xfce dosen't receive updates because it is basically perfect

  • MATE is so cool, because it's versatile. You can make it look and function like either of the other two, or even like Windows 10.

  • I've been using GNOME for a long time. The thing that annoys me most is the negligence of developers on optimizing the desktop experience. The gnome-shell thing is a clunky, single-threaded mess. Running a whole Javascript blob to manage your desktop is a really bad thing. Specially because a lot of functionaly is missing wihout extensions. Mate is not different in this respect: you run an entire python interpreter just to have a simple whisker menu-like plugin.
    When I first tried Plasma (after a long time of refusal) I was really surprised by its good performance, specially cuz animations were not sluggish as it did in GNOME, nor opening a new tab in chrome or trying to compile something did crashed the whole system. In addition to that, SDDM is a great DM. It just does not create the mess you get with GDM spawning a lot o X instances.

  • I like Gnome and Xfce, I tried to like KDE but never could, it's overly complicated and less fluent in my experience

  • Xfce4 is the best and is the fastest.

  • I have xfce installed in my machine but not able to run atomation scripts on Chrombrowser( not able to pass full strings to any text box )

  • i am a new user of linux only been running it for 2 years now but i love it and will never go back to windows,it is a great learning experience and i have come a long way i use the xfce because to me it is the faster desktop and easy to find stuff,took me a few weeks to get into using the teminal,but at 57 years old i think i am doing ok LOL

  • This past weekend I was looking for something to help me get started with some Udemy courses I bought last year. I wanted something I could run in a VM. I am a long-time Windows users back to 3.1. I tried Ubuntu and Unity was fine but then I watched another video on Xubuntu so I tried that. It took a day or so and a bunch of reading and experimenting but I ended up with something that mirrors Windows 10 pretty much exactly the way I like it.

    I don't get the argument that XFCE is missing Feature X. I haven't really noticed anything I would want that I haven't got already.

  • Xubuntu rules fastest kde looks best but slow

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  • What's with all the random clicking on desktops that you are not even discussing at the time??? Was looking for info to decide if it was worth replacing MATE with KDE. What I found here was … Not really sure what that hell this is?

  • why i think you and your friend insult linux ?? if anyone say linux is bad i stupid so 🙂

  • Great video. I did have a question, what program did you use to record this video?

  • Windows updates suck. Windows 10 sucks completely as it takes full control of your computer. And that's immoral and disgusting!

  • Are the audio and the video desynchronised?

  • Looking for most stable multi monitor support mint. cinnamon screws it up on update and stops enabling or detecting other monitors.

  • i like cinnamon

  • I'm confused. In the video you say "let's start off with XFCE", but Mate is loaded. am I missing something?

  • Which one should I get on windows 10?

  • After watching this video, i'm going to go try out Antergos with MATE. I've been using Manjaro Budgie, but i want to try out something different. I want a very customizable, yet clean, modern, and simple desktop. As far as going from Manjaro to Antergos: I feel like Manjaro is a little heavy. I want a distro that makes Arch easy to start with, yet leaves Arch as Arch. No slowing down updates, not blowing the system up with apps i'll never use. And from what I've heard, Antergos is just that.

  • Nice Video with the both of you guys. Happy Easter and continued blessings. Dr Rob.

  • Without a doubt? Ubuntu Mate? Try Linux Mint Debian Edition Mate (LMDE), rock solid and nimble. Smoother than Ubuntu.

  • xfce is the best end of the story

  • NemonNemon

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    Thunar is too light.

  • I liked this type of thing!

  • DettDett

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    hi i have old pentium 4 2gb….what linux mint should i use?mate or xfce.